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First Date Etiquette

After discovering ‘Millionaire Matchmaker’, I have to admit that Patti Stanger is my idol. Not only is she a successful businesswoman who is respected by celebrities and non-celebrities alike, she is able to find the perfect match for her clients. Whether the Millionaires she takes on are gay or straight, she seems to know exactly [...]

Nabbing your man

Attracting a man can be the most difficult challenge a woman can face – especially if that man isn’t interested. Some give up and say “Why bother?” but some just pull out every trick to capture their fancy man. How far would you go to nab your fancy man? The question we all begin with [...]

Fashion vs Feeling good

If you feel body confident everyday I salute you! Like all of us there are parts of ourselves we dislike and want to change or improve, it’s only natural. I am a huge self critic like many people out there and spending money on fashion and beauty items makes me feel better about myself. I [...]

Behind Every Great Dress is a Signature Scent

  The party season is fast approaching, which means girls; we need to find the perfect stop-and-stare party dress. It’s Christmasssss!   Think tartan, oxblood, metallic, and sequins galore for this punchy AW12 season. Of course, the one style which never goes out of fashion is the one and only classic; the picture-perfect LBD. There [...]

Halloween meets fashion

I’ve always loved dressing up and Halloween is another excuse to, so why not? There are plenty of events to go to and you can have fun with your costume! Fabrics such as lace and velvet are easy to get hold of on the high street right now since the gothic look is quite on [...]

Don’t be afraid to spend too little on your loved one this Christmas…

Less is more right? Just by uttering that phrase aloud around Christmas time could create a hernia or two among many of us panic-stricken need-to-get-the-perfect-present buyers. So what happens next? Yep, you guessed it – we end up spending way too much, and in my case, end up digging deeper into that student overdraft that I should [...]

Bring Out The Vamp In You…

Just in time for Halloween, the vamp trend is hitting new heights this AW12 season. The resurgence of punk is at its pinnacle, so why not get involved and bring out your inner vamp!   Choices, choices! There are so many ways you can wear the vamp look this season. Versatility is a must, so [...]

Girl On The Platform Smiled…

Realistically have you ever seen a man or a woman approach another man or a woman and introduce themselves and ask for a date? Other than in chick flicks, I haven’t. Imagine what the world would be like if men and women were straight to the point about dating. The problem is, we ask ourselves [...]

Texture Me

It’s exciting seeing the high street stores being stocked up with all new Autumn/Winter collections and I’m loving it (not the cold rainy weather though). I’ve noticed lots of textures about so far this season so what better way to keep warm and stylish whilst snuggling up in a comfy fluffy jumper. Everyone will be [...]

CORRIE NIELSEN SS13: The Perks of Being a Flower

Fringe award winning Corrie Nielsen’s SS13 show was certainly one of the most looked-for ones in the first day of this London Fashion Week. “I’ve put my all into this collection. It’s probably my most stressful to date, but it will be the most remarkable!” stated the rousing Central Saint Martins graduated designer days before [...]

Sublime Shamballa Bracelets Hit The Spotlight (again)!

Style Alert! Shamballa bracelets have really hit the limelight again this season, and with their bold colours and sparkling crystals, plus they’re ready-to-suit-any-occasion designs; it is no surprise why! Named the next ‘IT’ must-have jewellery, celebs are already donning these holistic statement pieces, such as the TOWIE tribe, to name a few!   Jewellery companies [...]

Make Your Mind Up Fashion Faux Pas Critics!

Now, do correct me if I am wrong, but this year fashion has taken a very gigantic leap back around, and around again, straight into the direction of the 90s era! I am a 90s girl at heart, in body, and soul, but I definitely do not remember it being the decade of incredible style [...]

My first kiss went a little like this…

  My mother has always said that we have to “kiss a lot of frogs before we our prince” just how true is this?   We’ve all heard to stories about the magic from the first kiss from your one true love, thing is you may be waiting a long time to find it. Is the [...]

Louise Gray For Topshop

Another designer collaboration is due to hit Topshop stores with a momentus bang and personally, I think this is one occasion you do not want to miss!   Of course I am talking about Topshop’s latest venture with Louise Gray; an eclectic and (in the nicest way possible) wacky fashion designer, born and bred in [...]

The Dating Game

Why is it that people start relationships without a first date?   My past two relationships have begun with nothing but the question which immediately puts you into a relationship, not being given the option to even get to know the person. So when we are young why do first dates seem absent?   Are [...]

V&A: Over 60 Years of British Design

A traffic light, a reproduction of a Cathedral baptistery window, a Sixties home set, Elizabeth II’s Coronation’s gown, a Concorde model, a recreation of Manchester’s iconic Hacienda nightclub… It may sound like an incoherent list, but they are examples of what can be found at the Victoria and Albert Museum’s British Design 1948-2012 Exhibition in [...]

Unlike Most Single Girls

Unlike most single teenage girls, my Friday night partner included a good movie and a take-out box. The party scene being only a few miles away just isn’t appealing – throwing up in gutters after only a handful of cocktails.   Being “unsocial” has been claimed as a crime when it comes to teenagers – [...]

Rumour Has It… Adele’s Pregnant!

  Adele has announced that she is pregnant with her first child with her boyfriend, Simon Konecki.   The 24 year old, Grammy award winning singer is said to be ‘over the moon’ and announced the news on her website by stating, ‘I’m delighted to announce that Simon and I are expecting our first child [...]

BREAKING NEWS – Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes split

After five years of marriage, Hollywood’s golden couple, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, have made the mutual decision to end their relationship. Today, Katie Holmes’ lawyer announced the split and stated that ‘This is a personal and private matter for Katie and her family’.   The couple met in 2005 and welcomed their first daughter, Suri, [...]

Mary Kate and Ashley Launch High Street Clothing Range

  The Olsen twins have done it again. Between running a multi-million dollar empire, managing three high end designer clothing lines (one of which includes a back pack which retails at £17,000) and generally delivering their laid back and cool aesthetic fashion sense that we all know and love, Mary Kate and Ashley have taken [...]