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Which Came First – The Media Or The Masses?

You know you’re in trouble when you start getting style-envy over a puppet; it’s that pixie-looking one off the Diet Coke advert with the striped skirt and white blouse combo that looks so darn well-dressed, but try as I may, I can’t seem to recreate her look. I probably shouldn’t be trying.   Of course everyone [...]

When Fashion Met Festival

This week, having returned from my second festival in as many weeks, I’ve deduced that ‘festival-girls’ fall into three distinct categories.

The Good, The Bad And The Truth?

The good thing about being in a heterosexual relationship, and to be honest finding the virtues is sometimes like clutching at straws, is that men will always be honest about what you look like, in particular what you choose to wear – sometimes to a fault. An enormous, confidence-bashing fault. Female friends, on the other hand, [...]

Do We Fall For The Chivalry Or The Style?

Last night my flat mate returned from a first date noticeably annoyed the guy hadn’t attempted to kiss her. But much more noticeable was her obvious relief that said date hadn’t been horrendously dressed. Rather than tell me how the night had gone, I was given an entire run-down on his attire, his hairstyle, his [...]