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Post-Sales Styles

If you’re finding yourself gifted with some Christmas money and Father Christmas didn’t quite deliver then be sure to invest your pennies wisely in 2012’s hottest trends. There’s nothing more satisfying than being able to say you were one of the first to own or wear something. So read on to ensure you’re the first [...]

The Florence, the Machine and the Wardrobe

Florence Welch is one of those annoying people who just makes you want to scream, “Where did you buy everything you own!” And while the lucky lot who did manage to get tickets for her sell out tour can attempt this strategy, in the meantime why not read on to find out how to imitate [...]

Happy Halloween

This article may be a little premature but you will thank me when you’re not panicking on the 31st  looking for a last minute costume and ending up chucking on a load of fake tan and going out as an Oompa-Loompa.   There is the Halloween outfit debate between a costume which pulls out all the [...]

Ditching The Bitching

Like all origins of good articles, the idea for this particular one came to me in a nightclub toilet in Leeds. I had got to that stage of the night where my up-do had collapsed in on itself like a badly made spongecake, I couldn’t quite get my legs to co-ordinate with each other and [...]

All Creatures Great and Small

As London Fashion Week is all but wrapped up, I am incredibly happy to say that my personal favourite pattern, leopard print, remains on style for the year to come. Alongside leopard print the whole animal kingdom appears to follow, zebra, cheetah, and even Dalmatian prints and furs dominate new Autumn/Winter 2011-12 collections. With the [...]

Male Celebrity Style Pioneers

There is an overwhelming jealousy I sometimes feel when I know I’ve had to get up an extra half hour early than my male contemporaries just to find an outfit that is socially acceptable. While he can throw on a tee shirt and jeans and look perfectly on-style.   However, would I want it on [...]

Literary Lookbook

There are thousands of places to go for style inspiration the usual being magazines, fashion blogs, television or if you’re me it’s generally just stalking Alexa Chung to check what she’s wearing. But recently in my geeky brain I’ve had a revelation, I decided to turn to my first love for inspiration, literature. Hundreds of [...]

Mature Couture

The past year has been somewhat of a fashion dilemma for me. Last October I turned twenty and the realisation that I’m no longer a teenager panicked me somewhat. I know my mum would say I’m being ridiculous and I’ve still got years left of my youth. I can make regrettable fashion mistakes, wear risky [...]

To Try Or Not To Try? Try!

Looking through what are deemed to be the upcoming autumn/winter 11 trends in a magazine with my mates we stopped on a certain page and went quiet. We broke the silence with, “You know what, I quite like them,” “Yeah they’re alright really,” “I was looking at them a while ago but I just wasn’t [...]

Freedom in Fashion

You were probably aware of the recent ‘Slut-Walks’ paraded around London and Manchester in a protest against the comments of a Canadian policeman who cited “dressing as sluts” as a reason women are raped and victimised.   There are obviously more important issues that these walks managed to raise, however, fashion is relevant to this [...]

Practical and Beautiful at your Festival

It’s that time of year when all fashion magazines start offering a selection of their favourite festival styles. So I thought I’d do the same. However, what I couldn’t help but notice was the slight impracticality of some suggestions. While a floor-length maxi with sleeveless hippie waist coat might ooze festival charm, there is something [...]

Take a Walk in His Shoes… and Trousers, and Shirts and Hats

Upon beginning to write my first article for LoveScene, I had a sudden mental block. In an attempt to think about clothes, outfits or just anything fashion based, I found myself looking downwards at what I was wearing, only to realise the majority of it didn’t actually belong to me. Rather, both my shirt and [...]