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Holy Harijuku, what big bones you have, Gwen!

It’s no wonder that we stress so much over every morsel that passes our lips with the way that weight-gain and dieting is perpetually presented in the media as being either too much, too little, or just simply not good enough; there really is no pleasing anybody!   As a woman who enjoys food, I [...]

Not Even Chernobyl Could Knock Cher

You go into now and search ‘Cher’ and automatically ‘Cher Lloyd’ appears in the top window. Even before her ‘Worth-It’ mentor Cheryl Cole, and the world’s greatest nuclear disaster, Chernobyl, and of course let’s not forget THE infamous leotard-adorning Cher. Judging by these facts, it seems that Cher Lloyd has made quite the impact [...]

Should We Change To Suit Our Man?

Oh, for those moments of weightlessness, as we drift through life on a high of magical euphoria. The reckless abandon and tender kisses shared over the dinner table. The beginning stages of lust. We caress each moment until we squeeze them so hard they slip from our grasp and slide away. Who could blame a [...]