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Manchester Designer Goes Back To Greek Roots

Sofia Couture announces second fashion show in Manchester   An up-and-coming Greek fashion designer from Fallowfield is hosting an exclusive fashion show for her new brand, Sofia Couture, at one of Manchester’s most luxurious hotel venues. When: Sunday, December 2nd 2012, 6pm onwards.  Where: The Palace Hotel, Oxford Road, Manchester City Centre, M60 7HA. Sofia Dourvari launched Sofia Couture, [...]

Winter Wonderland…

We’re not quite there yet, but there’s no denying that winter is just around the corner. What better way to enjoy the more bitter months other than to embrace what fashion has to offer and sport your favourite knitwear.   On the catwalks and the high street there seems to be a strong nod to [...]

Liverpool Fashion Week Finale!

Saturday 20th October proved to be one of the most exciting, most glamorous events so far for my budding career in fashion journalism. I was fortunate enough to be handed a first class ticket to fashion heaven which allowed me to go and join in the celebrations for the closing night to one of Liverpool’s [...]

Designer watch: Carlos Campos

I’ve recently been offered a job to work as a content writer for a menswear fashion website which was the inspiration behind my article. I haven’t written as many menswear articles as I have women’s wear, as I’ve always thought this to be a little out of my comfort zone. But now in spirit of [...]

Leather Is Back!

Seasons come and go, people evolve, but if there’s one thing in life that’s here to stay, that’s fashion trends.   One of my favourite trends of the moment has to be leather… and lots of it! Leather has long been a wardrobe staple for the punk and goth subculture, as well as being prominent [...]

Work Wear Essentials

What clothes do you pick out in the morning? Dressing for the office can be tough and requires thought. Depending on the nature of the business you’re working for, I would say that on the whole people tend to dress smart-casual in order to make the right impression to their employers. Yes if you want [...]

Boys Just Wanna Have Fun!

This season it’s not just the girls who have been wooing us with their fancy footwear, there are also hot new footwear trends that the boys can try too.   When thinking about fashion, it’s more than likely that ladies wear will receive the most spotlight, which is why I have chosen to write an [...]

Louboutin Luxury

Elegance, glamour and status… words which can only be used to describe a true style symbol of modern-day fashion.   The shoes of Christian Louboutin are simply iconic, and are individual works of art. Instantly recognizable to the eyes of any fashion-conscious woman, Louboutin’s designs really are one of a kind. He is widely known [...]

Alternative Fashion Week 2012 – Round Up

  April 16th-21st was an exciting time for upcoming fashion designers from all around the world. Held at Spitalfields Traders Market in East London, my sister was lucky enough to be able to attend on the final day of this fantastic event, and witness the various fashion shows on offer.   For those of you [...]

Punk Icon: Yohji Yamamoto

London, Milan, New York, Paris and Tokyo: We all know that the fashion shows which take place every year in these fashion capitals are fantastic for showcasing the latest cutting edge designs.   Some collections stand out more than others, but I have to hand it to Yohji Yamamoto this time, for his new Spring/Summer 2012, [...]

Ice Cream Sundaes for Spring/Summer 2012

Keeping up to date with fashion’s hottest catwalk trends, it seems the latest style craze has gone novelty. Yes that’s right, designers have certainly let their imaginations run wild this season, with a strong emphasis on fantasy, and how we can have fun with what we choose to wear.   Looking to the catwalks, Mulberry [...]

Gracious Plum: Local Fashion With Talent

  “Fashion is fuelled by demand for the new, the on-trend and the inspiring” a quote from Harold Tillman, Chairman of the British Fashion Council. No truer words have been spoken as there is a constant demand for innovative new ideas particularly in the ever-changing world of fashion.   Thinking about current events like London [...]

The Next Big Thing: Fashion Blogging

  Social networking has become increasingly popular particularly over the last 7 years; Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress, LinkedIn and even Myspace, we’ve all got personal profiles and use these sites either to connect with friends or document things that inspire us. In a world that is dominated by the digital age, it seems the best [...]

The New Denim

Now that the new year is in full swing and the sale items are crowding the shops, the time for a new year’s wardrobe to go with your new year’s resolutions has never been more convenient.   In an industry were shopping for clothes can cost you a month’s rent, it’s easy to get carried [...]

Art and Fashion: Are they the same?

Is fashion perceived as art these days? In today’s culture obsessed society, art can be seen everywhere and is meant to capture the imagination of its audience … on street walls, in bus shelters, even on the side of public transport, art plays an active role in our modern world. We cannot deny that there [...]

Trick or Treat?

Autumn: Definately my favourite time of year. A lot of excitement can be found in the autumnal season: tumbling leaves, cosy cover-up fashions and the need to go the extra mile while you grab that cinnamon latte in the morning. Not as stifling hot as summer or as bitter cold as winter, autumn has an [...]

Accessorize This!

Want to find the perfect solution to saving those pennies whilst still remaining at the height of fashion? Big, bold and beautiful or sexy, stylish and demure… there’s no denying that accessories aren’t huge this season (and I don’t just mean the choice of earrings designers are serving up on a silver platter for us). [...]

Autumn Essentials: Leg Wear

With the new season almost here it’s easy to get carried away with what’s hot on the fashion front. But perhaps the most important addition to our wardrobes for the cold temperatures to come is leg wear and hosiery.   Now, I’m a huge fan of all things related to dressing legs up whether this [...]

Welcome Back Agyness!

So just the other day I was looking to invest in a brand new pair of boots specifically for the coming Autumn/Winter season and let’s face it, rain has been on and off like there’s no tomorrow lately. In an effort to make the most of our not so lovely British weather I figured looking [...]

Man!.. I Feel Like a Woman

This season sees the revival of androgynous fashion and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t intrigued… It’s all about dressing to impress this autumn so spare no expense and work this cutting edge trend to the max!   There are many different avenues to choose from to make the androgynous look your own, [...]