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Ethical Fashion – A Good One

I am aware that tagging the word ‘ethical’ can put some people off, and the hope is really that eventually it will simply just fall into the term  fashion. A bit like the phrase plus size model, can’t they just be referred to as models? But with anything that challenges the status quo, for the moment [...]

Ethical Fashion and Me

I am going to be honest here; I was a fast fashion addict. Actually scrap that I am a fast fashion addict, but one that’s currently in the throes of going cold turkey. After a series of incidents which left me feeling like the universe was shaking its fist at me, I came to realise [...]

An Ode To The Olsens

Dear MK & Ashley,   Since you have entered the fashion stratosphere it has been hard to ignore your vision. For two such sweet and at times fragile looking young women you have demonstrated a strength and focus which will inevitably lead you to even greater success. Both The Row and Elizabeth&James are yielding phenomenal [...]

Model Conscious

The debate continues albeit a little quieter for all the catwalk shows dying down, but the question remains, are models too thin? Or at least that was the main question until last week when researchers in Italy stated that overweight models were a negative influence and likely to make us ‘regular’ folk believe we could [...]

McQueen and The Met

Being British means being inherently self deprecating, it’s why we struggle with national pride, feel safer when people take the mick, and look at American hyperbole with  a serious sense of suspicion. Yet last Friday that went right out the window. The Royal Wedding gave us what we needed, a reminder that being British is pretty , bloody [...]

Bonjour Paris Fashion Week

I will be honest, for reasons involving a snowboard and a lot of gluwhein (is that how you spell it?) I may have totally missed Milan Fashion Week, so shall we simply brush over it until I am in the right frame of mind to backtrack through a billion blogs and simply move with the [...]

London Calling

After the fabulousness of NYFW it was time to toss off the oversized sunglasses and don our geek chic specs to welcome back London Fashion Week. Britain may not be the most favoured country in the world right now (the Eurovision song contest is my barometer and it ain’t good) but you can never detract [...]

Block it like it’s hot!

You have no idea how many awesome puns I  came up with in order to represent the colour blocking trend approaching us this season, I settled with the Snoop Dog reference to inject a semblance of cool, otherwise I was headed towards that 1980s retro fave Rainbow! And to be honest that used to scare me [...]

New York Fashion Week

NYFW (for those cool peeps in the know!) has been and gone at the kind of speed only seen in the fashion world, a whirlwind of creativity, excitement and uber stylish folk. Was I there!? Well no, because as of yet my potential for amazing fashion journalism is yet to be recognised but just you [...]

How To Lose A Girl In One Date!

So let us picture the scene, after weeks of subtle flirting, strategic encounters and the odd illicit smile, he finally gets round to doing the decent thing and asking you out. Now I have sadly never been lucky enough to indulge in this kind of spine tingling tango. All of my boyfriends have been long [...]

The Best of Friends

Most of my columns are about relationships of the romantic kind, but in reality the bonds that have got many of us to where we are today, that have helped shape us, are those which tie us to our friends. And seeing as it’s Christmas, a time to reconnect with our loved ones, I thought what [...]

Must have a plan!

New life mantra: must have plan, must have plan. The media (here read women’s magazines) is saturated with women who have demonstrated the true meaning of multi tasking.  They have deadlines and goals aplenty, and I’m not talking about avoiding Selfridges shoe department while  being drunk.  They take structured and purposeful steps up their career [...]

Big Boys Should Cry

Modern women have been raised to believe that we should expect and strive to achieve any accomplishment we set our sights on. From the dedication of past generations, society now embraces female empowerment and progression. We can be mothers and corporate figureheads, able to communicate and connect whilst tallying the books and networking. Finally the many facets [...]

The Ex

Seriously why don’t they just disappear, self combust or at least have the decency to move? Was it SATC’s Carrie who thought there should be an ‘island of ex boyfriends’? Now there is a humane course of action to wholeheartedly support. Note to self, ring Branson he must have somewhere to spare. This may not [...]

Vanishing Act

News Flash!  Men are disappearing. Like a plot line from Lost perfectly articulate, mobile wielding, banter engaging boys seem to be vanishing. There appears to be no pattern to this mystery leaving police baffled. The phenomenon first came to my attention roughly two years ago. After many Facebook messages, a seemingly sizzling connection and several [...]

The one after the one.

What happens if you are the one, well, after the one? Is that statement nonsensical? Does it cancel one of you out? Or does it actually negate the concept of ‘the soulmate’ completely? Modern relationships are, on the whole, no longer born from necessity or tradition. Rather we move along a spectrum, from first dates [...]

Relationship Reality

The old adage ‘the grass is greener’ is one I find myself increasingly interested in over the past few months. There are hundreds of articles decoding the signals of singledom, the thrilling highs and painful lows, but what happens when they are over?  Obsessive phone checking ceases, panic over first date fashion concludes and you think [...]