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Just Plain Desperate

I feel like I should be arrested simply for letting this article be submitted under the area of ‘celebrity’. Sadly though, I am forced to admit that in a few weeks there will be a new crowd gracing the pages of all the trashy magazines that The Only Way Is Essex crowd dominate. The Desperate [...]

Amy Winehouse. 14 September 1983 – 23 July 2011. RIP.

She had enough charisma to hold an audience even when she was not impressing us with that pop-soul fantastic voice of hers. Only eighteen when she first signed a deal with Island Records, her first single ‘Frank’ stormed upon the music industry just as she did on anyone she came in to contact with. Amy [...]

Wrong Models

Looking at the papers this week I actually could not believe my eyes. I’m not in any way a fan of Cheryl Cole, the woman just irritates me to the point that whenever I see the L’Oreal advert for her promoting hairspray ‘Up do it, love it, flick it, wave it’ I have to control [...]

Just Tell Lies

I might have said it before, but I am one for women’s rights. I’ll argue a point until my face turns blue if a member of the opposite sex tries to be funny about it. Lately though, my patience is wearing thin. More and more I am coming across a group of women who deserve [...]

‘I love You’……’ARRGGGHHHH!’

What are you supposed to do when someone tells you they love you? No really, I’m asking. Wait a second though, what are you supposed to do when someone tells you they love you and you barely even know them? Exactly.   I go out a lot, I’m a student, it’s expected of you. I [...]

He’s Just Not That Into Me….Is He?

I may act like I know everything, but I don’t. Thinking I am right every second of every day though may possibly be my biggest flaw. One that may have finally caught me in the proverbial spiders web of trouble I now seem to be a tenant of. Ever hear the phrase always listen to [...]

The Kids Are Alright

When it comes to other people’s relationships, I may as well have my own little advice column on I find it pretty easy to surmise whether or not people are attracted to each other, or if the relationship they are in is going to last. So I was not surprised this week, when the [...]

Those Girls

I recently had a conversation with Craig, my best mate, about what I would do if he didn’t like my boyfriend. The word ‘nothing’ did not go down well. I didn’t mean nothing as in absolutely nothing. For example, if he came along and told me ‘Hey I saw your new boyfriend last night with [...]

Forever in Fashion

“I’ve just bought a new jacket.”   “Another one?”   You know what it’s like. Friday night. You are frantically searching for an outfit. So you open your wardrobe door and a dozen different things come flying out wanting your attention. This is my universe, it is why time and time again I talk myself out of [...]

The Good, The Bad and The Reality

Forget the line ‘Every girl loves a bad boy’. Its stupid, outdated, and I bet if you really think about it you have never woken up thinking ‘If only I could meet a man like (insert your chosen bad boy here)’.