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Beauty Reaches New Levels

  It’s been a long, stressful week – too much time spent staring at a computer screen and pretending to be an important and intrinsic member of the company when in reality, soul crushing spreadsheets have turned into online shopping with the computer screen quickly minimised every time the manager walks by. If only there [...]

Masato Models on the Mersey

‘You could actually hear gasps from the audience…’ gushed Amanda Moss, Director of Liverpool Fashion Week and editor of Lifestyle Monthly magazine, after an overwhelmingly beautiful collection by Japanese designer, Masato, led the finale of Friday evening’s show at Liverpool Fashion Week.   The designer, who worked for none other than the radically stylish Mr [...]

Reinvent, Recreate, Re-Inspire at Liverpool Fashion Week

London may have had Alexa Chung gracing the frows and Paris may have been a sea of Chanel dresses and glittering diamonds, but this week’s seven days of dedicated fashion is all about that little city known as Liverpool, and who needs glamour at a costly price tag when you can have elegance at no [...]

Legging Good

In the eighties, it was super on trend to wear them with an oversized baggy jumper and a perm if you dared. In the nineties, it was all about bright colours and patterns, and I am not ashamed to admit, I sported a rather fetching Minnie Mouse pair. However, now they are more of a [...]

Pushing Matters

With childcare and maternity leave being hot flush topics amongst politicians and the media right now, it is not surprising that another fiercely debated subject this week has been, when is the right age to have a baby? And it is our favourite ‘Rolling in the Deep’ singer, Adele, who has found herself at the [...]

Chancing Change

It’s a familiar feeling; letting go. That favourite pair of trousers that you know you will never wear again for fear of everyone thinking that you are living in a world without mirrors, but that you can’t quite bring yourself to throw out in case one day they do actually become fashionable again. We all [...]

Manotional Wreck

From the beginning of time, when men went out to hunt and kill the dinner and the women stayed behind to sweep the cave and tidy up the children’s play bones, it was assumed that women were the more sensitive of the sexes, unable to go forth and catch a wild pig for fear that [...]

Spring to Summer Wardrobe

It’s the bane of our lives. The conversation that is statistically the most talked about topic amongst people in this country and one that causes us to be ridiculed by other, more fortunate sun-blessed countries. Of course, I am referring to the not so great, British weather. Annoyances related to this include; the embarrassing moment [...]

Pyjama Party

For the past few weeks, I have been thoughtfully toying with the idea of buying a pair of patterned trousers. Yet every time the daring and brave idea crept into the ‘fashion’ section of my brain, an image also sprung into the part of my brain labelled ‘sensible’ (a small section I guarantee you) of [...]

Will You Marry Me?

  Without doubt, as February 29th arrives, that one day that only happens every four years, the news will feature at least one heart-warming story about a woman proposing to a man, unfairly apparently the only time this reversal of customary roles can ever be done. The news story will always report a happy ending [...]

Print This

The weather may be dull and depressing, and summer just a mere memory of hurriedly eating an ice-cream before the shy and retiring sunshine disappears behind a cloud, but there is a way to achieve an instant perk up and brighten the day, reminding ourselves that it really is July. The article in question my [...]

Canada Kate

William and Kate had been married barely a month before it was time to undertake their first official foreign tour of duty as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Heading first to Canada and then on to L.A for a couple of days, it was clear from the offset that most of the attention would [...]

Fashioning the Future

Setting trends to define generations and creating icons that will be celebrated and placed on pedestals for years to come, fashion is so much more than which pair of Kurt Geiger shoes compliments the dress of the season and establishing the latest hemlines. The fashion world may never be the leading news headlines or top [...]

Cheryl and Ashley Get Back Together

With rumours in abundance and speculation rife, it would seem that our Cheryl, a term used both for endearment and to rightly take her back under our polite and caring English wing, is getting back together with her ex-husband, and branded ‘love rat’, Ashley Cole. As Cheryl is such a well-loved public figure, and Ashley [...]

Paris J’taime

If you fancy heading for a long weekend away this summer, but are still undecided on location, then look no further than that little city of love just across the water…   Despite wishing to reject the clichés, there is no denying that there is something enchanting and magical about Paris; conceivably the most famous [...]

I Do! – Summer Wedding Outfits

Nearly two months on after the Royal Wedding, it would seem that tying the knot is still in vogue. With Lily Allen getting hitched to Sam Cooper this weekend and Kate Moss following her fashionable footsteps down the aisle three weeks later to wed Jamie Hince, the summertime is obviously still the favoured time of [...]

Independence vs Man

Never accepting help from anyone, paying my way every time and never “needing” anyone, I have always liked to think of myself as the epitome of Miss Independent. Having travelled the world, been to university and moved to a new city, amongst other things, I have never needed the assistance, protection, organisational skills or map [...]

State Style

Already dubbed as a style icon, Michelle Obama kept the stakes high on her just completed visit to Britain; accompanying husband Barack on his first state visit. Stepping off the plane in Stanstead wearing a befitting Preen royal blue two piece before departing for Buckingham Palace, her hotel for the duration of her stay, Michelle [...]

The Lady In The Middle

In a climactic ending to the Super Injunction debate that has been dominating the headlines for the last few weeks, Ryan Giggs has officially been named and shamed as the professional footballer seeking to cover up his disreputable infidelity with former Big Brother contestant Immogen Thomas. Whilst the row continues in Parliament after Liberal Democrat [...]

Graduate Fashion Week

From the 5th to the 8th June, London’s Earls Court will be thriving with enthusiasm and anticipation. Eager sponsors and fashion experts will be filling their seats in the buzzing arenas, sure to be on the front row of all the action, as nervously excited students are backstage dressing their models and making the final [...]