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The K-Patz Spat – Pattinson Moves On

I have been thinking about the K-Patz spat far more than someone who doesn’t really give a fig should be.  Two honorary teenagers falling out over a possible kiss shouldn’t be the brain item taking precedence over my credit card bill, job hunting and that stain in the hall. But as removal vans rumble away [...]

The Fringe Question

I am currently developing a pretty strong girl-crush on new songstress Lucy Rose. Along with my previous girl-crushes I not only want to sit YouTubing her all day, I also pathalogically want to become her.   Lucy’s style is resolutely folksie; she has that “ran my fingers through it this morning and left” hair; ankle [...]

I Can Still See You…

When you live away from “home” visits back can be fraught with danger: will your friends notice the weight you have put on?  Will everyone have gone on to dazzling heights in their careers? Will pets and peoples’ babies remember who you are?  But surely the WORST thing about going back home is the high [...]

Marc Jacobs’ Dakota Fanning Ad Banned

The UK Advertising Standards Agency have got their red pen out again and decided that the much publicised advert for Marc Jacobs’ scent Oh, Lola! shall hence forth be removed from our view.   Why?  Because a young Dakota Fanning is holding a bottle of perfume on her knee.  The ASA have ruled that “[The] [...]

Fur Me!

It is that time of year again when I find myself shuffling away from women on the tube who are bedecked in fur coats.  The sight of fluff on anything makes me dred that a woman is humping around the real thing on her back.  If there is any doubt in my mind as to [...]

Too Old To Wear A Duffel Coat?

Marmalade sandwiches and a penchant for hanging around train stations isn’t the only thing I have in common with Paddington Bear.  I also love a good duffel coat.  But is there a time when you should leave the preferred outter attire of cartoon characters to the kids and look for something a bit more grown [...]

Lily Allen weds!

Congratulations to Lily Allen and Sam Cooper who tied the knot on Saturday in glorious Gloucestershire sunshine!   Looking radiant in a Delphine Manivet lace dress Lily smiled to photographers gathered outside the rural church. She was given away by her Dad, the actor Keith Allen, in front of a hundred invited guests including Angus [...]

When Wearing a Paper Bag is a Good Thing

The last time I went jeans shopping I was informed by the assistant that I have a “hollow back”. I’m not sure if that is a medical term but I at least had a reason why every pair of trousers I buy flaps about at the back.  Belts only make the issue worse as they [...]

(Wanting A) Baby Blues

The other day I had my first out and out cry about not having any children or being pregnant yet. It was a a bit of a shock I can tell you,  not least of all to my fiance!   I have heard about these hormone jangling feelings, but assumed the tears, the wailing and [...]

Put The Kettle On Love

When you hear the phrase “relationship inequality” your first reaction is to envisage some put-upon house wife.  A slide show of images of women bent over pots, pans, children or the end of the bed flickers through my mind in glorious 1950s technicolour.   It is certainly true that in some, if not all, relationships [...]

Love At First Sight

I am cynical about alot of things.  Well, almost everything actually.  I’m a capricious eye roller and will argue the opposite of even the most benign point of view whether I agree with it or not.   That is until it comes to the most eye rolly of eye rolling topics.  Mention falling in love [...]

Confessions Of A Print Addict

I have something to confess.   I am a fully fledged, paid up member of Print Addicts Anonymous. It’s true, open my wardrobe and you would be forgiven for thinking you had walked into a 1970s curtain sample shop.   I have skirts covered in bikes, dresses with more pot plants on than B&Q and [...]

Is Beauty Wasted On The Beautiful?

I am someone who isn’t unattractive, nor do I cause people sleepless nights as I haunt their dreams with my unobtainable brilliance. I am average, I “get by” and 80% of the time I’m happy with that.   But there is always a girl you envy, no matter what the situation.  School, College, Work; there [...]