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The Great Gatsby Effect: An Ode to the Flapper Girl

  This spring brings the return of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s iconic novel The Great Gatsby back to our screens for the first time since 2002 starring the aptly-cast Leo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan and Tobey Maguire. A remake by ‘love or loathe’ director Baz Luhrmann, expect a glamorous  portrayal of the main protagonists to turn us [...]

Out of the Blue

It’s spring drop week on the High Street and we can’t  move for blue. We’re talking near-fluoro blue, cobalt blue; think garish and gaudy, bold and brazen. This isn’t an excuse for all you play-it-safers to dig out your trusty, navy secretary blouse – since when was à la Nick Clegg a ‘thing’? Navy is a [...]

Sailing the Nautical Ship

Spring is as close to the horizon as you are to a ‘new year diet’ breakdown, which of course means lighter nights, warmer temperatures, and for us fashion folk – nautical. When Frank Sinatra’s ‘Somewhere beyond the sea’ comes gushing out the stereos at London Fashion Week you’re overcome by that striking fashion fear that [...]

The Fashion Equation: You do the math this season

Are you ever left flummoxed by the lingo unleashed with every new season collection? Whether it’s 5 inch heels, Kate Mid’s 25mm average curl diameter, geometric patterns or hexagonal clutch bags, we can’t ever avoid the maths even in our industry.  1 Ear Cuff – They’ve attempted a revival for a few consecutive years, usually [...]

The Forgotten Fashion Capital of Europe

Belgium: It’s better known for its rich chocolate, its authentic beer and its neutrality in world wars (the only thing anyone can still remember from GCSE history) than for its place on the podium of the world’s most iconic fashion havens. Hopefully I’m about to change all your perceptions on that small country next to France [...]

Fashion vs. Politics

They are two domains which probably wouldn’t want to admit their proximity to one another; fashion and politics. But floating on the controversial cloud of speculation that is the prospect of Anna Wintour as the US ambassador to the UK is us smug, self-confessed campaigners of Fashion. Rumours are once again rife about Obama and [...]

The Fash-Pack embrace the Backpack

Yep, we resisted them for years but they’ve finally become cool again. A slight variation on the pink dinosaur design with inbuilt pen and bottle holder you last carried; this season’s luxury leather backpacks have taken last summer’s high street, ‘hip-homeless’ statement one opulent step further. Backpacks in 2012 aren’t a revelation, you may be [...]