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It’s hard enough in summer…but in winter, an unbearable torment for most of us out there. Finding a great fake tan at this time of year that a. suits your tired, pale skin, b. suits your (probably red) party dress c. doesn’t emphasis your dry skin and d. one that you can be bothered to [...]


You have a problem…the party season is officially here and you have nothing to wear. You find a dress, its nice. But its not got that wow factor. What do you do? Panic? Not go? Hide your feet? Well not now, for I have found you the perfect party shoes to go with this seasons [...]

Vamp up your Party Dress…

The leaves have fallen. The days are colder. The clocks have gone back and there is less than 10 weeks until Christmas day. Forget the tree, forget the turkey. Christmas means one thing and one thing only.  Party dresses. And I have found you the perfect one. A beautiful, three quarter length, lace evening dress [...]

Wayne Rooney and the Twitter Attack

I refuse to enter into the cheating footballer debate anymore.  I’ve tried but the only conclusion I’ve come to is that they all must be insanely stupid. Cue Wayne Rooney, who stands accused this weekend of cheating on his wife, adding to the long, long list of sporting ‘stars’ who have done the same. However, [...]

Is Kim Too Big?

News just in… Kim Cattrall (aka Samantha in SATC – like you didn’t already know) is apparently too ‘curvy’ to fit into the hundreds of freebies sent to her by young designers. Following on from Christina Hendricks’ (Man Men) complaint of the same nature, Kim said, “I’m not a sample size like Sarah or Kristen…so [...]

Bring back 1999…

I’ll set the record straight before I go on to say what I’m about to say. I love Gail Porter.  I think she’s beautiful. And after suffering from alopecia (a condition in which hair is lost from all areas of the body) I think she is by far one of the most dignified and upbeat [...]

Catch 22 – Nice work if you can get it.

Are you lucky enough to have a job? Look around your office now…how many work experience/placements or interns have sat beside you in the last year? 5, 10, 100? More? How many of them have already got a degree and are over the age of 21? A lot right? Well if anyone should know, it’s [...]

Ticking Timebomb?

There is no one more excited about the start of the X-Factor. No one. My Saturday nights are now complete. Saturdays used to be filled with good food, good wine and good company but now the best ‘reality’ TV programme in the world is back to add to the mix. And, dare I say it…it’s [...]

Could you resist a greasy burger?

I realise as a woman, I probably shouldn’t compare other women to cuts of beef but reading about Peter Crouch cheating on Abbey Clancey leaves me with very little choice but to foot the comparison. So here goes… We’ve all come across the age-old saying, ‘Why go out for a greasy burger when you’ve got [...]