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Looking Past The Past

Pasts; we all have them. Some are more colourful than Nicki Minaj’s wardrobe, where as others are less eventful, but when it comes to relationships even the smallest of skeletons can come bursting out of the closest. But does love really conquer all? and can any previous convictions be forgiven with flowers or brushed off [...]

Elite Model Look – Nottingham Casting

The city of Nottingham can sometimes fly under the fashion radar, even though designer Paul Smith hails from the Shire’ and opened his flagship store in the centre, so when the Elite Model Management team passed through town for one stylish Saturday only, we knew the Midlands would don their finest garments and not let Nottingham [...]

Right Man For The Job

Applying for a job is similar to searching for that perfect man. You spend hours hunting for the one that excites you, and ask every step of the way if you see a future between the two of you. But while companies and potential employers grill you more than a George Foreman about your past [...]

Hey Big Pretender

  Girl meets boy, boy likes girl, girl kisses boy, boy sends nice texts, girl experiences fairy tale-esque feelings, boy turns in to a frog; the search for a prince continues. This sequence is second nature to a mid-twenties woman like me, and it seems I’m not the only female of the species who possesses [...]

Wrong Night Stand

I once read a quote from Katy Perry which said “I don’t do one night stands, the thought of being that intimate with someone I barely know freaks me out.” Here was a girl after my own heart, someone who understood that being naked and going for a horizontal jog down Bang Street was something [...]

The One That Got Away

Call me naïve, but I genuinely believed that Katy Perry and Russell Brand were the real deal. Perhaps I was living in a ‘teenage dream’ world, but there were definite fireworks between the two of them and it seemed Rusty Rockets only wanted to kiss one girl for the rest of his life and liked [...]

I Feel Pretty, So Unpretty

Nicole Scherzinger is one of the most desirable women in the world, but her new track ‘Pretty’ homes in on an issue which is close to every girls heart; wishing that a man will find you attractive, and feeling nothing less than ugly when it turns out that’s all he ever saw you as. Being [...]

Is Age Really Just A Number?

This week the press are all over Caroline Flack and her One Direction toyboy Harry Styles; she is 32 and he is 17, but does this strikingly obvious age gap equal immediate problems, and should we all be reverting back to primary school maths to calculate a possible love mismatch?   When I first heard about Caroline and [...]

Single Days

As Christmas lurks its sparkly head around November’s corner you begin to notice how much love really is in the air, and most couples come out of hibernation to display that love brighter than the biggest bauble on the tree. But just as kids, and fun loving adults open their sickly sweet treats behind each [...]

Miss Independent: It’s OK if You’ve Never Been in Love

This week American Idol winner, Kelly Clarkson openly admitted that she still had her love virginity, saying that “‘I’ve never been in love. I’ve never experienced certain things, and I think that’s because I have this side of me that is shut off.”   At 29 years old and not exactly harmful to the eye, [...]

Female Man-tra

Samantha Jones once said “I love you, but I love me more” and questioned whether loving a man meant saying his name “50 times more a day than she does her own.”   Yes, Samantha is a ballsy character from an iconic TV show, complete with an unspeakable bank balance and enviable wardrobe, but her [...]

Ex-pensive Break Overs: The real cost of being dumped

Crying over your meal for one, watching Pretty Woman on repeat, and listening to Leona Lewis’s ‘Bleeding Love’ until your ears may actually bleed; we’ve all been there when it comes to dealing with a break up. However, the emotional cost isn’t the darkest phase that women should fear, as a new study reveals that [...]

Back To The Heartache

Reading old diary extracts can be a painful yet uplifting ex-perience, and it’s funny how you never write about the good stuff. This weekend I stumbled across some interesting notes I had made to make myself feel better at the time, they epically failed, but I found it fascinating to see where I was then [...]

Having Your Cake But Someone Else Is Eating It

Indecisiveness is part of who I am and probably always will be, but has it driven me in to singleville without pulling over to ask for directions?   Whether it is shoes that are pretty much  exactly the same, what restaurant to go to for food, or what way to wear my hair, I have a mini [...]

Weight a Minute

The end of August saw the break-up of reality TV royalty, as TOWIE’s Mark Wright and Lauren Goodger parted ways after a 9 year rollercoaster romance. While Mark has hit out that the sex dried up and he had a problem with her figure; classy bloke, Lauren has opened up saying how hard it was [...]