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“We were on a break!!!”

“We were on a break!” The famous line from the turbulent Ross and Rachael relationship of our favorite 90’s sitcom has long since been heard over and over again. But what does being on a ‘break’ from your relationship actually mean? And does it ever actually fix anything? If Friends is anything to go by, [...]

Pruning your relationship

I often hear people discussing friend’s new relationships, and as these relationships grow some things will inevitably change along the way. A lot of the time some people cannot handle watching these changes occur, lines like “she’s changed” “he isn’t as fun now he’s with her” crop up from time to time, and while I [...]

“Treat them mean, keep them keen…” Really?

One of my ex boyfriends…. Come to think actually, of it most of my ex boyfriends have guilty of being first class ‘dickheads’. As simple as that word might be as an insult, there is no other way to describe them, they were all world champion dickheads.  But one in particular was worthy of winning [...]

Don’t Believe The Hype

I often find myself repeating the lines, “As far as I’m concerned, women should be able to do whatever they want whenever they want when it comes to sex as long as they are looking after themselves and their sexual health, and the same should apply to men.” I know this line like I have [...]


I have written previously of the times when due to a variety of reasons, such as cheating, growing apart, or alcohol to name a few, relationships have gone tits up. I have confessed in past columns that I do tend to be more on the cynical side when it comes to the idea of “true [...]

The Relationship Condom

When we become teenagers our sexual hormones begin to kick in. This can be a very confusing time for most adolescents. The girls are having to come to terms with the idea of inserting a stick of cotton wool into themselves once a month and the boys just cant understand why every time they’re on [...]

Gambling is (apparently) a sin

When you have been single for a while, it seems you are no longer living ‘the single life’; you become the lifestyle it self.   Your time and energy might be split between numerous responsibilities such as work, university, friends, family, (Facebook) but fundamentally your time is your own. Your schedule is timed around only [...]

Relationships are like ecstasy, are they really worth it once the buzz has gone?

A new relationship can feel as exciting as that tingly rush of ‘coming up’.   A long and stable relationship can feel as comfortable as those gurney conversations you have with complete strangers as though you’ve known them forever.   And NOTHING is better than the drug induced dancing like no one is watching, so for the [...]

Defeating “Mr Big”

“For you I’d keep my legs apart, and forget about my tainted heart…” Lykke Li   The partner who you know is just so bad for you. They’re that “one more drink” that you regret with the morning hangover, the takeaway pizza you eat to cure it, that extra sugar you treat yourself to in your [...]

It’s All Just A Little Bit Of History Repeated…

I have found myself reciting the saying “you live and you learn” rather a lot recently. Whether it’s referring to my own situations or my friends, it just seems to have been cropping up a lot. It got me thinking about how we use these phrases to excuse our own or others’ behavior when it’s [...]

The Magic Number

The magic number, the number of sexual partners. It can be the bane or pride of a person’s sexual history.   A numerical digit that is smudged with a blur of memories and regrets of kisses, and fumbling, foreplay and role play, shags you shouldn’t have had and ones you really wish you could do [...]

Rolling the Dice and Playing the Game

How many epic romance films have you seen? Or cheesy romance movies for that matter? Where eventually, everything pans out just the way the hero/heroine wanted it too.   How many beautiful love stories have we been told over the years? When in the end, even if things don’t exactly go to plan, everyone learns [...]

The Sparks of Snogging

A couple of years ago I dated a man for around a year who point blank refused to kiss in public.   Initially this bothered me rather a lot, I had always been quite partial to a good snog and it had me thinking all those insecure girl thoughts such as “he doesn’t want me” [...]

Sex Is The Ultimate Weapon?

Weapon – noun: A means of gaining an advantage or defending oneself in a conflict or contest. An ex boyfriend of mine once said to me, “You use sex as a weapon! It isn’t fair!” Initially I couldn’t understand what his problem was. At least I wasn’t using emotional blackmail.   Everyone has an arsenal of [...]

Laws to a Healthy Happy Sex Life

Let’s just talk about sex shall we? All the ins and outs, and celebrate how lucky we are as a species to have the ability to make another scream the house down in delight. What a gift, for which we owe Mother Nature many thanks.   But as most of us are aware there is [...]