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MANGO at Liverpool Fashion Week 2012

If there was an ultimatum that I was presented with by the end of Liverpool Fashion Week 2012, it’s that this season, Mango is really all about the three T’s:   It’s got to be tight, textured or involve some kind of tailoring.   Not unlike the earlier display by Illuminati Jeans, if you’re going [...]

Illuminati Jeans at Liverpool Fashion Week 2012

50 Shades of Denim   What is it about a glorious looking man wearing nothing but denim that seems to call to even the most buttoned-up of women on some primal level?   I knew that attending Liverpool Fashion Week 2012 –glittering venue, aerial acrobatics and showgirls on stilts aside – had been worth my [...]

Flannels at Manchester Fashion Week 2012? Naturally.

Flannels have created a very unique and a very natural looking range of clothing for this season, giving us high fashion and demonstrating to us just how easily it could be achieved.   Having been witness at an extremely packed-out venue for the highly anticipated Flannels fashion show during Manchester Fashion Week, I think that [...]

Ted Baker ROCKS Manchester Fashion Week 2012

Ted has spoken.   And he has bequeathed unto us – his fashion disciples – a dazzling collection that is so demure, chic and smooth-talking that it’s bound to turn some heads this season.   I am referring, of course, to Ted Baker’s Spring/Summer 2012 showcase held at The Avenue North, Spinningfields in honour of [...]

Colour Me Cute

A 50’s inspired fashion phenomenon is currently jiving its way back down our high streets.   That’s right ladies, one of fashion’s most fun and flirty eras is making its presence felt in a modern world with an insatiable appetite for vintage clothing and revisiting earlier styles.   That means that to stay ahead of [...]

Skinny Love

The Spring/Summer fashion forecast has once again promised us a colour block comeback for 2012, so I would like to take this opportunity to draw your attention to my love of all things ‘skinny’.   I am of course referring to the 2012 high street collection of skinny jeans in bold and pastel colours that [...]

Do You Dare…?

Another year and the wheel of fashion continues to turn but 2012 promises to put a new spin on how we view ourselves.   Fashion editors in 2012 have looked up in astonishment and seen the landscape of fashion conscious women everywhere change as never before.   In the twilight of 2011, we saw the [...]

Winter Warmers!

There’s a distinctive chill in the air. Nights are getting longer and before you know it, there’s yet another snow-induced baby boom!   It’s the time of year to hang on to your fingers and toes for dear life. Bitter winds have set in and you begin to realise that every day is a losing [...]

Keira Knightley: A Classic English Rose!

Both on and off the red carpet, Keira Knightley has undergone a style transformation in recent weeks that is just short of miraculous!   It’s great to see that the actress (best-loved for her leading roles in Pride and Prejudice and The Duchess) has dazzled onlookers and spread her fashion wings to become a truly [...]

The Right Baggage

As we look to a new season of style, it’s important to remember that the men in your life and your winter wardrobe should always have one thing in common: the right baggage.   That’s right ladies; don’t be weighed down in the style stakes and instead take to the pavement and view the very [...]

Less is More

As the Spice Girls once said, this season sees two become one.   I am referring, of course, to summer 2011’s preference for a bathing suit as opposed to its skimpier, two piece counterparts. This suggests that my mother may have actually had a point when she told me that leaving something to the imagination [...]

The Dating Duck & Roll

As I sit here, deadline looming, pondering over what to write, I mull over the events of the week and it becomes increasingly clear to me that almost every woman I know has got one.   That awful school photograph with the dodgy haircut and equally dodgy teeth that your mother refuses to throw away. [...]

Think Mud. Think Sweat. Think Style.

Lady Gaga once said that, “Festivals are all about suffering for your love of music,” and that’s often true of the sanitary conditions. However, let the same NOT be said, of course, of your style.   There’s a mixture of eclectic and inspirational looks to choose from this year for your festival scene, so wherever [...]