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Wedding Dress Considerations

Did you find yourself fantasizing about your wedding day as a little girl?  Did you have your entire wedding planned out, with the groom being the last detail?  If this indeed sounds like you, it is likely that you have already been dreaming about that perfect wedding dress for some time.  Now that you are [...]

Unique Tips To Show Off Your Eyes

The internet is filled to the brim with fashion advice on everything from which shoes to wear with the season, to trendy outerwear, to how best to pluck your eyebrows for a stunning look (okay, that last one’s a bit specific but it’s probably out there in more places than one!). Indeed, they say fashion [...]

Winter Boots

While some may be irate over the falling temperatures, I look forward to the changing seasons. Some ladies prefer laying on the beach in flip flops and flats but, when the weather becomes chillier, I look forward to modeling my attractive scarves, beanies, blazers and, of course, my boots! To make sure you have the [...]

Dating After A Break-Up

When you’ve broken up with someone, you can feel truly broken yourself. Feeling angry, depressed or alone is par for the course after a serious relationship but what about when you start to feel like dating again? How long is long enough after a break-up to get back out there? Here is some advice for [...]

Accessories That Are Worth Investing In

You may not like shopping very much and when it comes to shopping for accessories…well, it may just not be as interesting as shopping for things like electronics, books or sporting equipment! But you also know that clothes make the man, and this means that you really do have to spend some time and some [...]

Niche Markets a Big Part of Online Dating

Niche markets are claiming more and more of the $2.1 billion online dating industry business. So what’s driving online daters to these tailored sites? The answer is simple. They have the potential to give people what they are looking for relationship wise. For instance, the niche site Ashley Madison is a website for people looking [...]

Thinking of Hiring a Wedding Marquee?

Your wedding day is the most memorable day of your life and the venue is one of the most important parts of it. With a range of different wedding venues on offer how do you know what venue is best for you? Many people now opt for wedding marquees. They are actually a great idea, [...]

Designer Eyewear

Long gone are the days in which eyeglasses were stereotypically associated with “nerdiness”; today is an era in which fashionistas are selecting frames that accentuate their facial features and express personality and individuality, regardless of whether they need corrective lenses or simply want to diversify their look.

Fun, Unusual Wedding Trends

Weddings – once upon a time, it seemed like if you had been to one, you had seen them all. Since then though, couples have embraced the challenge of differentiating themselves from their peers and parents by adopting unique (if not wacky) décor elements. Only time will tell if these innovative new concepts are the [...]

Bold Brash SS13 Prints

There are some really “out there” prints available at the moment.  Are you brave enough to be so bold?  Check out the Barbie comic leggings by Miss Selfridge, they’re our favourite of the selection….

How to find a serious partner online – dos and don’ts

It’s no longer unusual to hear of people meeting serious partners online and, if you go about things the right way, there’s every reason to believe that you’ll find success. However, there are several pitfalls to avoid when dating online (and there’s a surprising number of people who fail to heed them!). Pay attention to [...]

How to Create Interest and Attraction When Approaching a Woman?

The art of asking a woman out on a date has been debated, tested and refined for thousands of years. And yet, despite having access to all of that knowledge and wisdom, men still panic when it’s time to approach the object of their affections. They begin searching for little tricks that are guaranteed to [...]

LoveScene Obama vs Bush T-Shirt

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LoveScene Beyonce T-Shirt

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For ‘Big Bang Theory’ Fans

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LBDs and Black Maxi Dresses 2012

When it gets to this time of year black dresses are always aplenty.  Plus, when you’re feeling a bit insecure about your body or just don’t want to wear something really loud like a bright colour, a black dress – short, midi or maxi – can be a most welcome choice. Black dresses slim you [...]

The Mascaron – Listen To Their Debut Single

Melodic and progressive metal group based in Latvia and the United Kingdom – The Mascaron, release their debut single ‘Out Of Time’ today, from the group’s forthcoming debut EP, which is scheduled for release in early 2013. The song is available for free download from the group’s official Facebook page: The song introduces their [...]

Our Pick Of The Best Nike Trainers

Founded in 1978, Nike has been a huge name in athletic wear. By far, one of their most popular products is their range of trainers. However, if you are looking for a new pair of Nike trainers, then you will no doubt find yourself with a huge task on your hands. The reason for this [...]

Interview with Adil Ray – Citizen Khan

  BBC Sitcom – Citizen Khan Those who fondly remember The Real McCoy, Desmonds and Goodness Gracious Me, will appreciate how long overdue a show like Citizen Khan was.   Whilst we live in an incredibly cosmopolitan society here in our wonderful UK, television is still somewhat stuck in a bygone era.  You only need [...]

The Epic Fashion Blunders of Pop Stars

There is a rather fickle sense of style in the fame arena these days. Although young, rich and famous, some pop stars seem to have their own ideas of what looks good. The likes of Cheryl Cole and Rihanna are two great examples and they’re temperamental choices of wardrobe reflect this. But do we give [...]