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Gaga Stunt – So What!

  Smoking a cannabis joint on stage during her concert in Holland, Gaga made it into the news, but is it really newsworthy?   Let’s face it, Snoop did this years ago.  Doesn’t really make much of a statement.  Plus, the likes of Bill Hicks, legendary outspoken comedian (now deceased) was speaking about this stuff [...]

Kate Middleton Innocent?

So much drama about the latest bit of nudity from the suddenly not so conservative royal family.  With every man and his dog coming out to defend Kate Middleton, what we’ve heard less of is, was it a PR move?   Well, let’s look at this realistically.  You don’t, as the future queen, go topless [...]

Giuliana Rancic’s Latest Accessory – Edward Duke

After much anguish for the pair, it’s so wonderful to hear that Bill and Giuliana Rancic have welcomed their baby son into this world just a few days ago.  No doubt they and their families are overjoyed that their surrogate has given birth to a healthy baby weighing 7lbs 4oz.  Their son, Edward Duke was born on [...]

Beyoncé Faking Something Else Now?

So, first the fake pregnancy with the fluctuating baby bump, the collapsing baby bump, the lack of realistic pregnancy weight gain for a person not at all genetically skinny.  This facade was then followed by the rapid post-birth “weight loss”.  After all the cheeky bare-faced lying that Beyoncé and Jay Z did in front of the entire [...]

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Split

Is it wrong to feel a tad smug about the fact that Robert Pattinson was being cheated on by Kristen Stewart?  His arrogant face.  The fact that he thinks he is so much more handsome than he is.   Kristen Stewart hasn’t exactly painted herself in a good light either.  She could have ended her [...]

Katy Perry’s New Hair

Katy Perry has had many sleek and crazy hairstyles, whether wigs or natural hair.  In her recent fashion choices we have seen her become somewhat more sophisticated, favouring playful but more ladylike outfits over the quirky, overtly-childish looks.  Perhaps this is part of her post-marriage reinvention; we’ve all been there – overhauling our look to [...]

Katie Price Wedding Bells… Again!

First Peter Andre, then Alex Reid, now… Leandro Penna.   Yes, the latest pretty boy that Katie Price has ensnared in her pink planet is Argentinian on again, off again, on again boyfriend Leandro Penna.  The engagement ring?  A pink diamond ring, of course!   It wasn’t all that long ago that Price “vowed” never to marry [...]

Celebrity Short Hairstyles 2012

It seems that celebs right now are either into very short hair, a la Frankie Sandford, or very long hair imitating the flowing locks of the likes of the Kardashian sisters.   Click images to enlarge…  

Kim Kardashian Most Over Exposed Celeb

According to Forbes Kim Kardashian is the number one most over exposed celebrity.  Clearly, in this day and age this is of utmost importance as it’s what keeps people in the limelight and in our minds.  One only needs to look at the case of Lindsay Lohan.   Lohan is someone I really have no [...]

Rihanna Deja Vu

So it turns out that Rihanna is bored of being single and is desperate to land herself a man.  Perhaps if she appeared more approachable rather than arrogant she would stand a better chance.  I do wonder how many people see her utterly arrogant side.  You often see her on the red carpet with her [...]

Celebrity Babies – Are They All Really That Cute?

Whenever you hear about celebrity babies in mainstream media, you hear the words “adorable” or “gorgeous” included within the statement.  It’s as though the same journalists that revel in watching the rise and fall of celebrities, are incapable of calling a celebrity baby anything but adorable.  Being polite and kind is one thing, they are [...]

Oscars 2012 Fashion

The 2012 Oscars have been and gone and it’s difficult to not want to mention some of the high fashion moments, and perhaps glance at the not so high ones too.  Overall, perhaps it’s safe to say that the red carpet fashion was not quite what was expected.  There is always a lot of pressure [...]

Caroline still getting Flack

Despite having ended their courtship a month ago, Caroline Flack is still receiving abusive messages on Twitter for regarding her ‘cougar’ tendencies.   After she was photographed during the Brit Awards after party flirting with half of a 20-year-old hip hop duo called (wait for it) Rizzle Kicks , she was told by a tweeter to flirt with people her [...]

Cheryl Cole Mistakes

It seems everyone has digs at Cheryl Cole for her inability to sing well, but the one thing that seems to evade most writers is the fact that she has one ridiculously bad hair-do at the moment.   What on earth is going on around her pretty head?  Not only does it look daft in [...]

The X Factor Effect

  The X Factor has often left viewers wondering what the point is in going on the show.   By the time the excitement about the latest winner has completely dissipated, it is only then that the winner launches their first album!  Surely Simon Cowell and Sony should have at least a few tracks pre-written so that [...]

Jennifer Aniston to help Demi Moore

Jennifer Aniston has taken it upon herself to help Demi Moore out of her depressive state which has become clearly identifiable by the star’s plummeting weight.  Aniston knows only too well the anguish and sense of humiliation Moore has been made to feel by her estranged husband.   When Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s relationship [...]

Beyonce, Don’t Lie

Should I partake in the discussion or not?  Difficult when there is so much news about it.  Whatever your thoughts are on Jay Z, Beyonce and their “naturally conceived baby”, the pictures and Beyonce’s reaction say it all.   First let’s take a look at some of the evidence.  Discussion further below… CLICK IMAGES TO [...]

Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton Split

It would seem the rumours were founded.  Lewis Hamilton has called time on his four year relationship with Nicole Scherzinger.   Due to their hectic work schedules time spent together was dwindling.  They have reportedly had an amicable split and will remain friends.   It is no wonder that so many celebrities split as many [...]

Embellished Glamour

Christmas is coming and Autumn/Winter 2011-12 is in many ways a season of extravagant fashion. Yes there is the minimalist trend but there is also old Hollywood glamour in the form of jewels, beads and other embellishments.  This picture taken from Dolce and Gabbana’s recent advertising campaign is the perfect example of clever clashing of styles and [...]

Demi Moore’s Daughters On Ashton Kutcher’s Infidelity

Demi Moore’s daughters are said to be “disgusted” over Ashton Kutcher’s latest infidelity as they watch their mother drop to 7st in weight.   It is sad that this beautiful actress is being humiliated so publicly… again.  Forget disgusted, the family (Bruce Willis included) should hire a removal van to get him out of the [...]