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Sexual History: What’s Your Number?

Ever heard the old saying; women divide by three while men multiply? Let’s just state what most of know to have a substantial grain of truth: men tend to lie about the number of sexual partners they’ve had. Does this mean women don’t? No, but generally speaking guys are known to stretch the truth in [...]

Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th. Unlucky for some, or so they say. You may have noticed, if you are of the superstitious kind that last Friday happened to be the 13th, and not just that, but a full moon too; a double whammy sure to throw any superstition following individual into a fit of terror. But the [...]

The Kimono

Blake Lively wore hers on the Cannes red carpet, Kourtney Kardashian styled hers with some simple denim cut-offs, and Miley, well, Miley rocked hers with everything! Kimonos are a celebrity favourite, and you can’t blame them, their versatility knows no bounds! They appeal to our desire for boho chic, achieving the perfect balance between elegance [...]

Browsing Through History

Full yet effortlessly groomed eyebrows perched above large doe eyes dominated Audrey Hepburn’s signature look. It wasn’t just her symmetrical beauty and deep heron eyes that her eloquently arched brows represented; it was her strong presence in a post-war world of class mobility and a burgeoning popular youth culture, where she was she was able [...]

The Short Straw

I’m standing in the changing rooms looking like an overgrown five year old wearing her mother’s frock. Except I’m not five, and I’m not wearing my mother’s clothes, I’m simply short. There, I said it. Short with a capital S. Five foot one to be precise. If you’ve ever taken an overly generous lump off [...]

Layering 101

Some of the best things in life have layers. Cake, a good hair cut, ogres…Usually a technique reserved for winter, layering is an essential skill to master when you’re faced with bipolar weather conditions (all year round in England). Shrek may be so 2009, but layering is always current. The trick is to team lighter [...]

What to Wear on Christmas Day

With the big day now under a week away, it’s one of the few days a year where its acceptable to stay in your new fairisle pyjamas and reindeer slippers while you eat your body weight, and everyone else’s, in festive treats. Or is it? My Christmas days are a casual affair, not quite as [...]

Party Dresses for Your Shape

In what seems to be the busiest week of the year, picking your party dress can become a stressful experience. And with all the peplum frills, lace and bodycon, choosing the right dress without getting distracted by trends can be daunting. And seeing as an increasing amount of us are cutting the crowds and the [...]

Spring 2013 Trend report

To those of us in the Southern hemisphere warm weather may seem like a distant dream. But fashion is ever looking ahead, and it’s never too early to be informing yourself about the looks that will influence Spring/Summer 2013, especially where key investment pieces are concerned. And so, without further ado, I bring you a [...]

Ode to Primark

“Why are people queuing outside Primark?” I asked a friend during a Sunday shopping trip a few weeks ago. Is something happening? A new collection? Is the ultimate Christmas jumper being unveiled? No, they were just queuing. Tourists and locals alike. Taking pictures outside those renowned flagship doors.  The ‘bargain’ shop now internationally famous thanks [...]

The Jazz Age circa 2012

I’m a hat-happy kind of a girl. With the first hint of a chill, I’m digging out my cosiest, warmest beanies and fedoras. I don’t believe you have to be a “hat person” to partake either. Discovering that first perfect style that frames the face beautifully and adds a subtle elusiveness is the secret weapon [...]

Top Fashion Picks For Halloween

The end of October is nigh and that can only mean one thing…the witching hour is upon us!   Top shop of horrors There’s a shopping spree to be won if you tweet Topshop your costume tricks and tips and even more fun to be had in their top picks of Halloween dress-up. Choose from [...]

LFW: Top Trends SS13

Daytime metallics, dungarees and a continuing fever for all things sport featured heavily and often humorously (see Maarten van der Horst’s take on his Tesco inspired outfit) at London Fashion Week. Here’s a peek at next season’s top trends. Metallic’s Mermaid metallic’s stood out, especially in outerwear. You may think sequins and metallic leather jackets [...]

The Lady Is A Vamp

All things dark and brooding continue to reign on the catwalks. But the season’s indulgences couldn’t be further away from the vampire teen franchise we have become accustomed to. These are not the reds we are accustomed to either. Burgundies, maroons and subdued ruby colours are autumn’s rebellion against a summer of coral and striking [...]

A Fashion Week First

  I can vividly recall the moment when fashion lured me into its fickle grasp… I was standing in a school corridor wearing denim flares, and a pink studded t-shirt. Naturally and rather cruelly, this look is a lot more chic right now then it was back then, hence the merciless teasing of my class [...]

Top Picks From The LoveScene Store

  Wiggo Yellow Jersey T-Shirt – £17.99, LoveScene Store I’m still feeling that Olympic spirit so I’m loving anything related like this cycling inspired Bradley Wiggins tee. Perfect to keep that patriotic vibe going!   Want to view other colours or simply buy it now?  Click here:           Cupcakes T-Shirt – [...]

Bon Anniversaire Coco Chanel

I grew up around women who had a ‘lost in time’ approach to makeup, and as a result of dipping into their makeup bags, my first experiments into beauty were not remotely age appropriate, or decade fitting for that matter. There’s something about a prepubescent caked in 70s Biba foundation that doesn’t quite work, disturbing [...]

An Almost Great British Success Story

My Dr Martens are probably the longest lasting, certainly the most durable items in my wardrobe. And looking at the brands soaring sales figures, it seems I’m not the only devotee. ASOS has reported a 230 per cent rise in sales from 2011-2012, numbers in line with equally booming sales figures in France, the US [...]

A Loom of Possibility

Hunched across a rectangular frame, threading and stringing, punching and entwining in reversing and paralleling directions, only to replicate and repeat indefinitely. This was the process for Joseph Marie Charles in 18th century Lyons, France. Later reputedly nicknamed Jacquard, his penchant for fabricating unsurprisingly stemmed from an established family of weavers. Although far from respected or [...]

From Sophistication To Imitation: The Changing Role Of The Fashion Blogger

The wave of fashion bloggers to flood our screens shows no signs of slowing. With the temptation of front row seats, partnerships, and advertising deals, more and more style devotees are opening their wardrobes onto that of the World Wide Web.  Just a quick click away from other fashion fanatics stepping on each other’s heels [...]