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10 Ways To Avoid A Break – Up

There isn’t a person alive who hasn’t felt the overt urge to wring their partner’s neck after s/he made an insensitive comment/left the toilet seat up/lost their temper over something minor.   Read on to find out how you can avoid the most common arguments.   1. Money. Arguing about money is very common amongst [...]

Top 10 Attributes: What Men Want

Women spend hours talking about men, second guessing their behaviours and over analysing every facet of their beings. Some say that men are simple creatures and it’s the women who complicate matters, whilst others believe that men are more complex than we once thought.   So what do men really want? Unplug the telephone, pour [...]

How To Use Body Language To Show Them You’re Interested

A wise man once said that between 60-70% of all communication is non-verbal. In other words, our gestures, expressions, mannerisms and movements are talking the entire time – even if our mouths are shut.   If you are a non English speaker who happens to find themselves out on a first date; in a young [...]


TOP 10 FIRST DATE TIPS FOR MEN The courage mustered to approach her was well worth it as you leave with her number firmly stored in your phone. Before you get carried away envisaging months of sex, you need to overcome the first hurdle of that all important first date.   FIRST DATE TIP NUMBER [...]

What NOT To Do In A Relationship As A Man

How to lose a girl in ten easy steps…   She was beautiful, intelligent, funny, witty, cool and most importantly, she was with you. Was being the operative word. So what exactly went wrong?   Read on and if you find that you have made 3 out of the 10 mistakes that men have been [...]

A NOT SO BRIEF ENCOUNTER: Top 10 First Date Tips

TOP 10 FIRST DATE TIPS FOR WOMEN Your eyes met, your smiles matched and numbers were exchanged with hope and excitement. However, whilst you thought your first date consisted of flowing drinks and scintillating conversation, you never heard from him again. So what went wrong? Read on to discover the magic beans that turn 1 [...]


So you’ve broken up with the person you thought you loved. The person whose face was indelibly etched in your mind for every day of your relationship; whose dreams were a part of yours and whose problems often lay on your own shoulders – not that it mattered for their love for you enabled you [...]

The Definite Soul Mate

As someone who loves to indulge in profound conversations with my nearest and dearest, the age old question ”Do you believe in soul mates?” is always ever-pressing and ever unanswered. Last Sunday, sitting on my friend, Mel’s couch was no exception. ”So, do you?” She asked, wide eyed and interested. I cast my (not always) [...]

Best Frenemies Forever…?

The trouble with being registered with an upmarket, sought after hairdresser is that you spend more time in the waiting area than you actually do in the chair. Last Monday in that very waiting area, I sat reading my tome, when I suddenly felt eyes boring in to my soul… oh, no, wait, it was [...]

Mind The Gap

The underground system in London has never been known for its comfortable environment and today was no exception. After a three hour delay, a five hour flight, with severe panda eyes and having eaten only a tomato and cheese toasted croissant washed down with a latte, here I was, finally on the tube, anxious to [...]

Travelling Shoes

My father’s face was serious as he looked at me with morose eyes ”Maria, when are you going to think about settling down? You’re not getting any younger”.   What could I say to an old Greek man who just wanted to see his only daughter settled? How could I tell him that I had [...]