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Are “Rinsers” The New Breed Of Women?

Just like a lot of women in the world, I have a full-time job, raising a family and am also studying. Every morning, I drag my bones out of bed and around 9 hours per day is spent at work and travelling to and from my office. That’s my day… Monday to Friday. Come Friday night [...]

Valentines Day – necessary or nonsense?

In roughly two weeks time most couples will be giving and receiving cards that say “I Love You”, sending roses and making an effort to be romantic to their other halves.   Valentines Day is approaching and it is the one day that you should hold hands and gaze into each others eyes – or [...]

Latex Rubber On The Ice

Think of your typical Sundays. Lazy lie ins, cooked breakfasts, catching up on chores and if you are lucky the day will be concluded with a traditional Sunday roast.   Yes, pretty much the same for me. Until my gut felt very jealous of Hollyoaks beauty Jorgie Porter on Sunday night’s Dancing On Ice.   Jorgie [...]

Is It The Year Of The Fringe?

When it comes to my hairstyle, I tend to play it safe. I made the mistake some years ago of being bold and brassy and decided to get my lovely locks cut off in an attempt to look trendy and sassy.   Well it worked for my friend at the time. She looked really cool [...]

Modern Romance

Call me old fashioned but I believe there is a certain etiquette which should be followed in the world of dating. The etiquette being that verbal communication is king and only the weak hide behind texting and messaging.   However, the use of social media and instant messaging has changed how we interact with each [...]

Little Mix – The Next Girl Power?

I was going to give up on the X Factor some weeks ago. Apart from the delightful Gary Barlow whose comments are always constructive and not to put the other judges down – I had just felt like the show was the same as it has been for the past few years.   There is [...]

The Jungle Just Got Hotter!

The female population FINALLY got to witness what I can only describe as the perfect male form last night in ITV’s I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.   For the past week, the male viewing audience have been indulged in many camera shots of Emily Scott and Jessica-Jane, parading around the jungle in [...]

Injury puts Posh on her back

Victoria Beckham has it all.   A former Spice Girl and married to one of the world’s most famous footballers. She has four beautiful children, homes in LA and England and is a global brand in the fashion industry.   Yes she seems to have it all.   She is one of those celebrities that [...]

Guide for Festival Virgins

The festival season is almost upon us with Glastonbury kicking it off in a couple of weeks. I will be watching it with a pang of jealousy given that I won’t be participating in any festival frolics this year. But for others, the festival season signifies three months of music in the outdoors, binge drinking, [...]

Battle of the Bouffant

This week Cheryl Cole went head to head, both as judge and in style wars with 80s pop starlet Paula Abdul as the auditions began in the new American X-factor television show.   Cheryl appeared on her first day sporting a retro 80’s back-combed bouffant.   Cole’s locks didn’t look dissimilar to Paula’s hairstyle back [...]

Dec “Let’s not get ready to rumble”

Declan Donnelly – from the Ant and Dec TV duo, has announced ‘I’m a celebrity get me out of here’ and ditched his girlfriend Georgie Thompson.

Katie Price Quits The London Marathon

What is it about Katie Price that I find hugely annoying?   Her pushy personality, the obsession with plastic surgery or that she is in danger of being married more times than Ross in Friends?   None of these actually.   This week it is the fact that she has pulled out of the London [...]

10 Ways To Keep Your Man

Men are an odd bunch. They don’t talk; I mean REALLY talk about much which doesn’t involve beer, sex or sport. No wonder us women are confused as to what is going on inside their heads. If we ask them they don’t answer, so here is list to try and help you decipher what is [...]