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What About These Dark-Grey Men?

Whether it’s the Edward Cullen of the twilight saga or Mr. Christian Grey from the Fifty Shades series, there is something mystic about these dark men.  From cinema to literature and fantasy to daily life- they simply rule. You can’t beat their charm and you can’t get them out of your head. Here’s an attempt [...]

To Marry Him Or Not To Marry Him?

This question troubles most of the ladies who are all set to walk down the Aisle and take vows. They suffer from this dilemma till the very last moment. If she is doing the right thing? Has she chosen the right person? Rather than being sure that He is the one, she keeps on questioning [...]

Quarter Life Crisis Syndrome

Definition: As Wiki defines it- The ‘quarter life crisis’ is a period of life following the major changes of adolescence, usually ranging from the late teens to the early thirties, in which a person begins to feel doubtful about their own lives, brought on by the stress of becoming an adult. To sum it up [...]

A Love Marriage Without Love

I was just scrolling the pages of the book, trying to concentrate for the forthcoming exam when I received this call. Nowadays, my heart doesn’t race when an unknown number flashes on my phone’s screen. Without taking the pain of reading all the digits, I picked up the phone.  I was surprised, and amused at [...]

All It Takes Is A Warm Smile

‘Amidst strange gazes, when you feel lonely in a crowd, a smiling face may cause missing a heartbeat, swelling of the very soul, your smile may go on, you never know for how many, for no reason, it becomes a drizzle in the drought.’   For the memory of a day’s rejoicement, In a traumatic [...]

What If Love Also Came With An Expiry Date?

It’s one of those nights today when I transform into a cyborg, who never sleeps. After gazing at the ceiling for some two and a half hours, I have finally decided to sit down and write this article. Well, it’s not insomnia this time. The fact that I ate up an expired packet of chips [...]

Why Do We ‘Fall’ In Love?

Falling in love, a phenomenon that can’t be explained by any logical reasoning or any coherent argument. In science also there is no concrete explanation of this anomalous conduct. Even Einstein failed to explain this phenomenon. All he could say was, ‘Gravity is not responsible for people falling in love’. Then what really is? What [...]

Philosophical Love of the 21st Century

Every day, when I wake up in the morning and open the newsletter, I get to see another sophisticated gadget hitting the market. Looking at my smartphone which I bought last week (and in just a week it became an outdated version, sigh!) I ponder, ‘Eh! The world is changing with every passing second’.   [...]

Curing The Insecurities

In the last article I had promised that I would tell you some good ways to deal with over-possessiveness. Well, I did some research and found that a majority of people compare it to a lack of trust. They say that the people who can’t trust their partners, get over-possessive. It may be true but [...]

Is Your Over-Possessiveness Killing Your Relationship?

Few days back, I saw a lady on the metro rail. She was in a fierce and heated argument with someone on the phone. Although I had no intention to eavesdrop on her conversation, her tone was so loud (and rude!) that I could barely escape her yellings. And it was not just me. Probably [...]

Fairy Tale Love vs. Real Life

Since childhood I’ve been really kind of mesmerised and fascinated by this whole idea of falling in ‘fairy tale love’. The kind of perfect love which they usually show in fairytale movies where a charming prince on his white horse lands into a girl’s life from absolutely nowhere. (Okay. It’s 21st century! So, the white horse [...]