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Behind every great woman is a …. rubbish friend

   We have all been there. We have all gossiped with our best mates about boys, how to get that crush and what to text back the hotties from Friday night. We have all then been pretty miffed when things actually hit it off and suddenly our friend disappears and leaves us behind. There is [...]


Recently I was passing my lunch break by flicking through articles on an online newspaper site (but only because I had read everything on LoveScene, obviously). I came across an article about three women who put their husbands’ skills to the test by allowing them to pack their wives holiday suitcases. Unsurprisingly, the men failed [...]

Will a Proposal Ruin Your Relationship

I logged onto Facebook yesterday for my daily dose of being nosey. I was greeted by several posts referring to a girl from my year at school who had just gotten married in the local castle. She had also hired an owl. Right. Upon seeing this I mentioned it to a group of friends later [...]

Do Opposites Really Attract?

When growing up my friends and I had the phrase “opposites attract” drilled into us by romcom films. We firmly believed that we should date someone who is nothing like ourselves. When I was in full on study mode I would tell myself that bad boys looked more attractive, when I was going out drinking [...]

Should Couples Date

When you are single a date always comprises of the same key ingredients. There is flirting, new outfits, expectations, a few cocktails and a bucket of firsts, such as first kisses and the first time you tell them the only joke you know. Although single girl dates usually come with a side effect of nerves, [...]


So I will be the first to admit that as soon as the weather turns cold I have no motivation to do anything. Normal clothes feel heavy on my back, so obviously I should wear nothing except pyjamas when I am at home. Housework is clearly a summer chore, and who wants to face the [...]

Xclusivetouch’s Lock and Key Party at Funky Buddha

  It is a cool, crisp London evening as I strut in my high tops through Mayfair. This is normally the one day a year when individuals hide away at home clutching the TV remote and when couples emerge to crowd the streets with over-sized bouquets and heart shaped balloons. That’s right, I am out on Valentines Day [...]

Let’s Go Fishing

 There are lots of ways to meet people these days. There is the more traditional route of through a friend or when out you ask for their number and go on dates. Then there are more 21st century methods such as online dating and even chat rooms. We all remember being sixteen and using instant [...]

Bedroom Blues

  I don’t know about you but to me a bed is a sacred place. When I am sad or upset it acts as a place of comfort, when I am shivering it gives me warmth and when I want to have a lazy Sunday it doesn’t judge me for the number of biscuits I [...]

Guilt Be Gone!

We all know that when swimming in the dating pool things can sometimes seem daunting, especially if we have been bitten by sharks before. Sometimes we let previous relationships cloud our judgement when trying to go forward as we can’t get over the emotional trauma of boyfriends past. In my personal experience this fear cannot [...]

The One

  The One. The mystical person who is supposed to make your heart flutter and stomach flip. The enchanting soul mate that we are encouraged to spend our life searching for, the individual that all block buster films tell us will be gorgeous and smart and will pull us into whirlwind romances. That someone that [...]

The Truth About Internet Histories

This morning I decided that instead of lying in bed wishing I was asleep, I would actually get up and do some work, so I hauled my bed head over to my boyfriend’s laptop. When suddenly what had been a snoring bump under the duvet turned into a running boyfriend who lunged across the room, [...]

I pity the fool

  I am not a massively competitive person. Don’t get me wrong I don’t enjoy losing, but I get over coming last pretty quickly as I have accepted that when it comes to sports my abilities are a bit hit and miss, cards games I often put to luck and drinking contests usually end in [...]

Come To Bed

Everybody knows that a standard part of a conventional relationship is that at some point you will share a bed with your other half. I am not talking about in a sexual way, but in the innocent spooning way.  This may not sound like an issue, but to me it is my biggest nightmare. I [...]

Our Own Worst Enemies

There are many phases to dating. The first date, the honey moon, when things become real and when things get serious. Then there can also be when things go bad. If you are lucky then the bad phase may be early on when neither of you know how you really feel or when lust is [...]

A Slice of Chub Love

  It was a typical morning in the office and as per my normal break time routine I was glancing at the online news headlines. However, today one particular article caught my eye. It was about a new study conducted on Latvian women had shown that overall they found overweight men to be the most attractive. [...]

To text or not to text, that is the question

It is no secret that normally in my articles I try to impart some sort of wisdom, granted it may be slightly shoddy wisdom, or give you things to consider that you may not have before. However, this article is an exception as for once I am seeking your opinions rather than just telling you [...]

Can you hear the relationship clock ticking?

When I first watched the film Bridget Jones a few years ago, I chuckled at the reference of a woman’s biological clock. Tick tock tick tock. The idea that our future family plans have an expiry date has always amused me; it seemed like a myth generated from chic flicks. However, as my 23rd birthday [...]

Advice versus Judgement

It was Saturday night and the game of beer pong was in full force. The shots had turned into triples, the glasses grew into pints. Alcohol affects everyone in different ways, yet unfortunately for my drinking opponent one too many drinks makes me feel wise, and obnoxious, beyond my years. I was being told about [...]