Caroline still getting Flack

Caroline Flack Brit AwardsDespite having ended their courtship a month ago, Caroline Flack is still receiving abusive messages on Twitter for regarding her ‘cougar’ tendencies.


After she was photographed during the Brit Awards after party flirting with half of a 20-year-old hip hop duo called (wait for it) Rizzle Kicks , she was told by a tweeter to flirt with people her own age.


“Hey! I live my life to the full without judging others… You should try it, its fun!” replied Flack.


It is quite strange that the lady in question is being harassed quite so much about the topic.  Is it because she is less well established than the other ‘cougar’ celebrities out there?  Is it that there are so many bitter teens that want to bag Harry Styles, Flack’s ex, for themselves; perhaps irritated that what ‘should’ be their prey has become someone else’s?  Is it because Flack is not quite as charismatic or quite as beautiful as the likes of Madonna or Demi Moore?


It is quite a strange backlash.  She hasn’t exactly done anything wrong, they were genuinely keen for one another and they didn’t hurt anyone.  I’m sure Styles’ mum would disagree but would she disagree quite so much if her young son had been dating Jennifer Lopez instead?  A super wealthy, super gorgeous and super successful A list celebrity.  Who knows!


One thing is for sure, Flack has handled the whole situation extremely well.  She’s stood her ground, she has retained her respectful composure and she’s not let it stop her from going about her daily business despite having been the victim of abuse and even death threats.


On the plus side for her, she is now far better known than she was prior to her hook-up with Harry Styles so she has definitely gained some added ‘star status’ as a result of all the hype.  Perhaps that’s what helps her to maintain this self-assured manner of hers in the face of so much criticism.  She knows she’s gained from it so the negatives become bearable.


For the youngsters who are vexed that Flack has been dating one of their prospective boyfriends, the future is brighter.  Harry Styles has apparently sworn off dating older women since his relationship with Flack.  Swearing off dating any particular age is a little naive and perhaps a tad offensive, but he’s only a kid so we’ll let him grow up first!


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