Spot those Celebs!

There are so many apps on the iPhone, it was only a matter of time before a celebrity focused one was released.  For only £1.79 owners of this smart phone can purchase the Stalkers’ App!  Just kidding… OK! magazine’s CelebSpotter iPhone App was released this morning, for the celebrity obsessed.  Users are able to search celeb hangouts, report celeb sightings, and see who they’re likely to bump into in their local shopping centre or whilst jogging in the park.    

Whilst some stars may think this may be the beginning of a series of restraining orders, according to OK! magazine’s group internet controller, Farzad Jamal, the magazine “would never do anything to compromise their privacy.”

Jamal states that the idea is to give people more excitement in their pass times by allowing them to try celebrity hang outs for themselves, e.g. bars, clubs, restaurants.  The app is based on information that is already in the public domain, collated together to provide information to aid celeb spotting and celeb-like experiences.

Unlike the Papture app, which encourages users to photograph or video celebs going about their daily lives in return for royalties, CelebSpotter doesn’t infringe on their privacy, according to OK! Magazine.  However, the use of such an app will undoubtedly be closely followed by the use of the phone camera but this is part and parcel of stardom.  Some budding celebrities will gladly benefit from such an app and for those celebrities that have issue with it, a change of career is always an option.  If one does not wish to be the focal point why do they embark on their chosen career path at all?  After all, a nurse doesn’t enter his/her occupation if he/she cannot handle bad smells… there are going to be some bad smells along that route!

Bottom line, this app is likely to be popular with genuine fans and WAG wannabes alike.

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