Matthew Perry Goes To Rehab

Matthew PerryMatthew Perry, best known as our beloved in Friends is once again entering rehab in his continuous bid to fight his addictions.  During the filming of the hit TV show Perry gained considerable weight at one point and this was actually due to his addiction to pain killers.


Perry is claimed to have said, “I’m making plans to go away for a month to focus on my sobriety and to continue my life in recovery. Please enjoy making fun of me on the World Wide Web.”  It must be so difficult to know that the world is aware of your weaknesses and then exploits them for their own gains.


It has been announced that he is not suffering from a relapse, rather using this time in rehab as a boost for his sobriety to help keep him on this safe path.  Very wise indeed.  He clearly takes drug abuse seriously and that is great to see as so many enter rehab after they have ‘fallen off the wagon’.  It would be incredibly difficult to watch the man we once loved, and still do love with all the Friends re-runs one never tires of, ruin his life and become a mere shadow of the man he is.  We salute him for his sensible approach.