A Trademark for Blue Ivy

BeyonceBeyonce and Jay Z have filed an application with the U.S Patent and Trademark Office to protect new daughter Blue Ivy’s name against others using it.


The application was reportedly filed under Beyonce’s company ‘BGK Trademark Holdings’ and if successful, could allow the couple can prevent others from cashing in on their now famous, offspring.


Family law attorney Vikki Ziegler told MTV: “Seeking the trademark forestalls competitors from using the child’s name and or third parties from attempting to sell the baby’s name back to the couple. They are likely trying to protect what they rightfully own or created, shall we say, by trademarking Blue Ivy’s name.”


The new parents reportedly paid an astounding £400,000 on a solid gold rocking horse, and a mini Bugatti car for when her ‘motor skills’ are more developed. And in the meantime, a £10,000 Swarovski-studded high chair and £30,000 ‘coach carriage’ crib will keep Blue Ivy amused.


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