Adele Gives The Finger After Acceptance Speech Is Cut Short

Adele - Brit Awards 2012She’s just brought home the gold with a massive six Grammy awards, yet home-grown songstress Adele was cut off in the middle of her awards acceptance speech at the Brit Awards 2012 last night in a bid to stay on schedule.


Our very own national treasure was awarded Best British Female and Mastercard Album of the Year at the live awards ceremony last night, yet she was rudely cut off mid-speech as ITV1 producers hurried her along to give air time to closing act Blur.


Host of the awards show James Corden was forced to interrupt the ‘Rolling in the Deep’ singer just a few seconds into her final speech, telling the audience: “I can’t believe I have to do this.”


Adele was quite rightly more than annoyed with the cut and so flipped the finger to the cameras in protest.


Surely enough, just moments after this, Twitter and the entire internet erupted in chaos, with most users agreeing with Adele’s choice to snub the bosses.


She was given enough time to make six speeches at the Grammys over in America, yet back in her hometown we can’t spare her a mere few minutes? Why couldn’t Blur have offered to wait a few more minutes, after all has anyone heard from them since the 90′s? Or is it too much to ask for ITV to allow the show to run over just a little bit and instead cut the advert times just like they do during live sports?


We rarely have anything to celebrate and be proud of, and the one time we do it’s ruined like this… well done ITV.


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