Adele: Rolling In Success!

Just when I think that Adele can’t top the success she has already accumulated, she goes and does it again.


Her second studio album, 21, has now spent eleven consecutive weeks at the top of the UK chart, the longest ever by a female soloist on the UK charts; thus surpassing Madonna and her Immaculate Collection album. Just three months after its release, 21 has become 7X platinum in the UK.


She has also recently matched a record previously set by the Beatles back in 1964 for having two top five hits in both the official singles and album charts.


Adele is not only making her mark over here in Britain, she is also making a big splash across the pond. 21 has currently spent four weeks at the top of the US Billboard 200 chart and the North America leg of her tour has completely sold out. Stars of the hit show Glee have reportedly been bombarding their producers to let them cover several of Adele’s biggest hits.


Ever since she shot to fame in 2007 with her debut album, 19,  Adele has become a respected figure in the music industry. She attended the famous Brit school and can count Leona Lewis and Jessie J among her classmates. Her sensational first single Hometown Glory was penned at the tender age of 16 and she can play an array of musical instruments. However, it was her tear-jerking performance of Someone Like You at the Brit awards that sent her fame to new heights.


In a time where even the likes of Kim Kardashian are making records for the sake of it, it’s nice to be presented with a genuine talent for a change. She’s down to earth, writes the vast majority of her music and possesses the ability to touch millions of people with her phenomenal voice. All this and she’s only 22 years old, good on ya girl!