Adele Tipped To Judge ‘The Voice’

AdeleWhen we think of pure musical talent Adele immediately springs to mind, her vocals are breath-taking and she is completely self-made. It is no surprise then that she has been asked to appear as a judge on the British version of ‘The Voice’.


With all the hype surrounding the X-factor franchise, on both sides of the Atlantic, the fact that the BBC has recently acquired the rights to the new show appears to have gone relatively unnoticed.  However, rumours about the possible judging line-up are sure to garner plenty of publicity, especially if they manage to secure Adele who is without a doubt one of the most successful British artists this decade.


The Voice made its debut on American television screens earlier this year and has recently completed its first season with great viewing figures to boast about. It has been dubbed as the ‘anti X-factor’ with the contestants being judged on nothing else besides their singing voice. The audition process involves the four celebrity judges sat in large chairs facing away from the stage. The judges are unable to look at the contestant as they audition as to ensure that they are only being judged on their singing talent and not how they look.


This is a very fresh and unique approach to a talent show and I am quite surprised that it hasn’t been done sooner. This concept is sure to attract those viewers who became disenchanted with the X-Factor last year. The fact that the judges put somebody like Wagner through to the final rounds over somebody who could actually sing seems to be making a farce out of the whole process. This is the type of stunt that ‘The Voice’ will not participate in.


Cee-Lo Green, judge on the American version of the show, has also been touted as a judge on the British version along with… Cheryl Cole! Now while I don’t disagree that the BBC would be making a smart move in hiring Cheryl to detract ratings from ITV, is she really the best person to front a show which is all about having an amazing singing voice? Nobody can doubt the success she has enjoyed as part of Girls Aloud and as a solo artist, but even she has admitted that her vocal ability is nothing more than average. The fact remains that if she were to audition for The Voice based on singing ability alone she would not make past the first round.


I am excited for the launch of this show, especially if Adele is involved, however I hope that the BBC try to keep the ethos of the show and don’t resort to X-Factor tactics of just hiring somebody for a bit of glitz and glamour.

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  1. Sarah Cassidy says:

    Really hope so – I love Adele! Her albums are my most listened to on my ipod and she has a fabulous personality to match.