Amelia’s Back!

Amelia LilySo Amelia’s back to replace Frankie in the latest drama/saga to hit this year’s X Factor. After being eliminated on the votes of the judges during the early live shows, Amelia Lily has rejoined the contestants after she won the viewer phone vote last night. Perhaps somewhat unsurprisingly, and considering the media attention and number of headlines that have accompanied this series, there have already been comments that the phone vote was actually rigged. Twitter comments last night noted the fact that on an official website, Lily was announced as the winner even though the live show result wasn’t due for another hour.


After being chosen last night over other singers who never got to face a public vote, including soldier Jonjo Kerr, James Michael and duo 2 Shoes, Amelia now has a second chance in the competition. On her return last night she gave a strong performance of “The Show Must go On” by Queen. Great song choice, and definitely appropriate for her.


Whether or not there is any new scandal, the return of the 16 year old singer will no doubt have show producers hoping that the focus will now be on the competition rather than on how the contestants behave away from the programme. Mentor Kelly Rowland has returned after her absence due to illness, and the reported feud between her and fellow judge Tulisa seems to have dissipated.


Tonight’s show includes a performance by Lady Gaga, after the contestants performed a range of her songs alongside Queen classics. After a previous 2009 performance of “Bad Romance” involved the singer utilising a giant bath tub/piano on stage, she may well feel the need to outdo this with her latest appearance. The question for viewers this weekend though may be whether even the drama of Gaga can steal headlines away from what’s happening with the contestants.


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  1. Jasmin says:

    Great article, really glad Amelia is back she is very talented and my favourite from the start!