Amy Winehouse. 14 September 1983 – 23 July 2011. RIP.

Amy WinehouseShe had enough charisma to hold an audience even when she was not impressing us with that pop-soul fantastic voice of hers. Only eighteen when she first signed a deal with Island Records, her first single ‘Frank’ stormed upon the music industry just as she did on anyone she came in to contact with. Amy Winehouse, age 27, was found dead in her flat in Camden at 4:05pm.


As of yet the cause of her death is still unconfirmed, but her nature of living a life filled with drink and drugs is well known just as much as her incredible music. She had spent time in rehab, battled with a junkie drug dealer husband, cancelled or ruined music appearances and had run ins with the law. Yet, in an interview in October of last year, Winehouse claimed she had been drug free for three years, saying: ‘I don’t want to do this anymore’.


She was the first of her kind, the first of many who would follow in her untouchably stubborn, successful footsteps. The British music scene once again roared back to life, with the then 20 year old receiving nominations for the Mercury Music Prize . It was in 2006, three years after her appearance on the scene, and her sensational album ‘Back To Black’ that brought her the worldwide fame she deserved, earning her five Grammy awards. Recently it has been reported that she was working in the studio with Tony Bennett, who said she had been utterly focused on their work and was giving an ‘incredible performance.’


Many people have already expressed their deep regret at the star meeting her untimely end, Sarah Brown and Fearne Cotton who stated: ‘Cannot believe the news. Amy was a special girl.’ Amy was last seen on Wednesday Night at The Roundhouse in Camden.


Many will try to follow her, but its hard to imagine anyone who could hold our attention with such ferocity, while still having the talent to pull it off. RIP Amy, we’ll miss you.


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