An Ode To The Olsens

Dear MK & Ashley,


Since you have entered the fashion stratosphere it has been hard to ignore your vision. For two such sweet and at times fragile looking young women you have demonstrated a strength and focus which will inevitably lead you to even greater success. Both The Row and Elizabeth&James are yielding phenomenal profits. The fact that you have pitched to a total different market to yourselves has brought about intense success and respect. The Row is not for your young Hollywood starlet but rather a maturer woman, someone who knows themselves, someone who has enough disposable income to spend it on the perfect white t-shirt or mink jumper. Simple pieces, in sumptuous fabrics, well thought out. Your fashion insight has taken you from novelty to being granted a place on the CFDA, not for any flash in the pan celeb designer would DVF bestow that honour on.


But let’s be fair, your clothes are way out of my league, so why do I write this ode? Well for the personal style issues of course. You could so easily have become another Paris Hilton/Lindsay Lohan type, all glossy and slick. But you shrugged that stereotype off, you went darker, Gothic, ethereal, edgy. OK it may land you on the worst dressed lists of the tackier tabloids but for those who worship at the alter of fashion, we know a good thing when we see it. Every interview has one of you smoking, hands piled high with jewellery and rings, whilst other LA types simper and drink water. Your personal lives have often been scrutinised but again you have answered simply with your style.


I respect your courage to strike out and be different, and I love the way you style yourselves. and the fact that you never go for the obvious, the overtly sexy.  I guess it’s because you’re a breath of fresh fashion air in a climate where most female celebs have to show off their bodies in order to be deemed cool or interesting. Put quite simply, MKA, you rock!


Three of the best…

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