Andrea – Winner of The Voice UK

So last night saw the grand finale of The Voice UK. Though it has had much bad press and relatively low viewing numbers, I have actually quite enjoyed this series and followed the contestants all the way through. Though, no doubt, I have lost faith in the formula of the show and/or the voters of Britain (I don’t really have the energy or desire to actually sit and think about which of these is more responsible for last night).

It all started off with more boob than I cared to see from the appropriately named Holly Willough-booby. I never really was that bothered by the amount of cleavage she showed before, but during the final, it was definitely one of the most memorable things. I couldn’t take my eyes off of them, and I’m not usually particularly interested in female anatomy.

I don’t remember the performances of Mike Ward so much, mostly because he’s sounded like he’s singing the same song the whole way through the series. So let’s move on to Leah McFall.

Leah is definitely a breath of fresh air, very quirky, original, seemingly sweet and could easily slide into the pop scene of today. I really loved her duet with and it’s obvious why she was the favourite to win.

Then there was Matt Henry. My personal favourite, with heaps and heaps of charisma and a smooth and flawless voice. He was entertaining and adorable. I so wanted him to win, and definitely think he didn’t deserve to be voted out of the final three.

And of course there’s Andrea Bigley, the humbling girl with severe visual impairment. It is admirable that she got so far, let alone won, overcoming her disability. It was drummed into us time after time by her mentor Danny O’Donoghue every time Andrea performed. I can’t help but feel that she didn’t want the public to be constantly reminded of her impairment, especially as she said time and again that she wanted to be recognised for her voice, not as the blind girl. Sadly, it seems to me that she won on the sympathy vote, and not on her talent. Though she has a lovely voice, it was not as strong or as original as other contestants who left the competition earlier on.

The announcement that Andrea was the winner was one of the strangest results announcements I have ever seen on TV. The audience seemed a little confused, the judges were at a loss (you must all have heard about’s Twitter rant by now?) and no doubt many viewers were shocked. Her own mother looked like she’d just been told someone had died. She sat without a cheer, without a clap, without even a smile that her daughter had won one of the biggest singing competitions in the country. I’m so curious to know why she reacted in such a way.

Despite the huge media whirlwind around the shock result, whether she deserved it or not, I hope that Andrea Bigley does not take the negative feedback to heart and goes on to be a success.