Angelina Jolie Insecure About Brad Pitt

Is Angelina Jolie one of the most insecure women on the planet? It is alleged that she flew into a rage over partner Brad Pitt’s admission that he rang Courtney Cox to console her over her separation from husband David Arquette.

Jolie is deemed to be upset over the thought that Pitt has only contacted his old friend Cox as an attempt to connect with ex-wife Jennifer Aniston. She imagines that Aniston will have quite likely been sat next to best friend Courtney Cox when Pitt phoned. Despite Pitt’s explanation that this was merely one friend reaching out to another in a period that reflects an experience he once went through, Angelina Jolie cannot bear the thought of any connection between her man and his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston.

Jolie is such a mix of personalities that she is a contradiction of herself. She portrays the strong independent, confident woman and then behaves like an immature school girl over a telephone call to an old friend that happens to have a connection with his ex-wife. She flies around the world as a UN ambassador spreading the word of charity, peace and love and then ruins the love and peace within the homes of those she has wrecked. Sure one can understand that if you have stolen yet another man from another woman you are going to fear that he will do the same to you; perhaps thinking of bad karma before wrecking someone else’s marriage would be better than forever looking over ones shoulder for fear of its retribution.