Battle of the Bouffant

Cheryl Cole US X Factor hairThis week Cheryl Cole went head to head, both as judge and in style wars with 80s pop starlet Paula Abdul as the auditions began in the new American X-factor television show.


Cheryl appeared on her first day sporting a retro 80’s back-combed bouffant.


Cole’s locks didn’t look dissimilar to Paula’s hairstyle back in the decade where she found fame with a string of hits such as Straight Up and Opposites Attract.

Paula Abdul in the 80s

They do say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.


Starting a new job is stressful enough for anyone but when you are Cheryl Cole who is an unknown in the States, it was important for her to make a good first impression with the public.


On this occasion though, our Chezzer may have been pipped to the post in the style stakes as Abdul’s long tresses looked more elegant than Cole’s “crazy wild hair”. On first viewing of these pictures Cheryl was reminiscent of Bridget Jones after her drive in a convertible.


Bridget JonesOne has to ask in true L’Oreal fashion “was it worth it?”.


Cheryl should stick to her own style which she perfected whilst on the panel for the British X-Factor. Her lovely locks and her changing hair colour were often copied by her many fans and kept her face all over the magazines.


No doubt that her lovely nature, her sensitivity and her elegance will win the public over in no time. That’s if the American viewers can get used to her Geordie accent.



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  1. Rachel says:

    It’s about time. Not convinced she’ll crack it in the US though. She’s too soft as a judge.