Beyonce and baby bump

Beyonce Baby BumpIt is December and it can only mean one thing.  I am not talking about that one fated day when a huge bird sits on our dining room tables and many around the country and beyond gain at least a stone.  No, December signals (if reports are to be believed) that Beyonce is going to give birth very soon.  Aren’t we all excited? She may not be the virgin mother, but her pregnancy has certainly been a huge talking point of the year.   With reports stating that ‘Beyonce pregnant’ has been one of the most popular tweets in Twitter’s history, it seems as though many are in great anticipation of the little bundle of joy who has two super-rich, super-successful megastars for parents.


Still, there has been major speculation as to whether the Queen Bee has had a bun in the oven at all. After an interview on Australian television, rumours flew that Beyonce was faking her pregnancy when her fuchsia dress suspiciously creased inwards where her bump should have been.  In response to growing speculation, Beyonce has stated that ‘there are certain things that are so far [out] that it doesn’t even upset you.’  Although admittedly it was freakishly  weird to see her baby bump folding in half, it is a shame that people are often more interested in believing conspiracy theories and rumours.  It is similar to when images circulated suggesting that Lady Gaga might have had ‘meat and two veg’ downstairs – causing many to question if Lady really was ‘born this way’ at all.


Either way, while the world speculates on unfortunate angles of photos and wardrobe malfunctions, both Gaga and Beyonce continue to dominate popular culture and accumulate millions in the process.  Nonetheless with the close of 2011, the world will see the multi-platinum selling, award-winning singer and all-round entertainer take on a new title as ‘mom’.  If she takes this role on with the same passion and drive that she has put into her career, there is no doubt that she will make a great mother.


By Kaz