Beyonce, Don’t Lie

Should I partake in the discussion or not?  Difficult when there is so much news about it.  Whatever your thoughts are on Jay Z, Beyonce and their “naturally conceived baby”, the pictures and Beyonce’s reaction say it all.


First let’s take a look at some of the evidence.  Discussion further below…



Without the need to analyse all the details let’s just acknowledge a few facts:


That baby bump fluctuates in size.  

We’re not talking about her thighs fluctuating with PMS.  That bump should be growing in one direction and one direction only.  Clearly, her latest photo in the white Chanel t-shirt shows a bump that is significantly smaller than her earlier picture in that rather unsightly blue dress.  In fact, in the blue dress her stomach reaches beyond the reach of her breasts, i.e. her belly protrudes farther horizontally than her breasts and yet just a few days later the breasts reach slightly further than the “baby bump”.


The collapse of the fake baby bump prosthetic on TV.

When you watch the video the look on her face is unmistakably one of guilt when she first makes eye contact with the presenter after the very unfortunate belly collapse.  Her eyes are pretty much saying, “S**t, did he notice that?”  A rabbit caught in the headlights springs to mind.


The dress is not ruched on the sides either.  It is very figure hugging.  It’s rather implausible that the caving in of the prosthetic bump was actually excessive material folding over.


Furthermore, the way she waddles to her chair at the beginning of the interview appears so very contrived, it’s almost robotic.  She just doesn’t sell it as genuine.  Had the bump not collapsed a few seconds later we would not have actually given this much thought.


The bikini pictures.

This is 2011 and there are plenty of movies and TV programmes that depict pregnant women.  Very often the bare “baby bumps” are filmed on camera and look pretty darn convincing.  There is nothing difficult about getting a prosthetic bump attached under a frilly bikini set and walking along a beach to convince a portion of the population that the bump is real. Is this hard evidence.  Absolutely not!


Lies, lies, lies.


If you want to or need to adopt or use a surrogate mother, do so.


This is purely deceitful.  It’s also very patronising to think that we would all believe something that has been so poorly orchestrated. No matter what pictures and stories you leak into the media now as “evidence” a large percentage of the public will never believe. The story has lost all credibility now.


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  1. Melanie says:

    i cant wait to see what you write when the baby gets delivered.

  2. Churchill says:

    Yeah, delivered in a box from

  3. Told you so says:

    The baby is WHITE!