Beyonce Expecting a Baby Girl!

Beyonce and Kelly RowlandIt’s bad enough trying to keep a secret from the world when you’re a superstar like Beyonce. But when your best friend is as indiscreet as Kelly Rowland, it’s near enough impossible. So far, Beyonce and Jay Z have managed to keep the sex of their unborn child a secret – until chatty Kelly accidentally let slip in an interview that the couple are expecting a baby girl.


Speaking at the Cosmopoliton Ultimate Woman of the Year awards, Kelly said, “I have no idea what I’m going to buy Beyonce at the baby shower because Jay is going to buy that little girl every single thing possible.”


Beyonce announced that she was expecting at the MTV VMA awards back in August of this year, and it’s been reported that they were hoping for a boy initially, but are now delighted to be having a girl. They are one of the most solid couples in showbiz and Beyonce has said of her pregnancy, “I just feel like it’s time and I’m very grateful that God has blessed me with the biggest gift any human can have.”
Kelly and Beyonce have been friends since they were in Destiny’s Child together and, like any good best friend, Kelly is ecstatic that Beyonce is expecting and is looking forward to the new arrival, saying “I’m so happy for my sister and her husband.” She has also vowed to be on duty for any babysitting that the famous couple may need, despite her busy schedule and raised profile thanks to her stint as a judge on X Factor.


In typical Beyonce style, she stepped out in New York this week looking positively glowing. Beyonce and Jay Z’s child is definitely the celebrity baby arrival I am most looking forward to, and if the new arrival is anything like her famous parents, it will be one stylish and talented child!


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