Beyoncé Faking Something Else Now?

Beyonce and Blue Ivy (allegedly)So, first the fake pregnancy with the fluctuating baby bump, the collapsing baby bump, the lack of realistic pregnancy weight gain for a person not at all genetically skinny.  This facade was then followed by the rapid post-birth “weight loss”.  After all the cheeky bare-faced lying that Beyoncé and Jay Z did in front of the entire world, fans ‘n’ all, it would now appear that they may be lying about something else too.


First remember, “the bigger the lie, the more people will believe it”, as purported by holiest of holy, Adolf Hitler.  It was a technique he favoured and a phrase that perhaps he himself coined.  The fact is, the bigger the lie, the more people will disbelieve that any human could tell such a huge lie.


So what’s the massive, disgusting lie that Beyoncé and Jay Z are telling the world now?


Well, the world expected that their baby – which clearly did not come from Beyoncé’s stomach – would still be a real person, and perhaps the offspring of Jay Z still, but rumours are now rife that the “baby” that people see Beyonce walking around with, is in fact a doll.  Not a human baby at all.  Sound ridiculous?  Yes!  But that’s what makes it divide the people so much.  On the one side are the people who think any such thought is crazy, that they would never do that because celebrities don’t ever lie, do they?  On the other side of the fence are those that are disgusted by their outrageous lack of morals (again).


Before you watch the video be aware that in an interview, when Rihanna is asked about Blue Ivy, she first refers to the baby as a “she” and then as an “it”!  What!  Who calls a real baby “it”, especially after they have just referred to the baby as “she”?  There are videos of this particular Rihanna interview so you can hear her choice of words for yourself.


There is lots of information on the web about this fake baby that people suspect Beyoncé is carrying around; below is just one video.  There are spelling/grammar errors in the text and some of the information included within this and other videos is questionable or could easily be explained away, BUT there does appear to be something odd going on.  Decide for yourself.  Remember, Beyoncé and Jay Z are not THAT famous that they need to constantly cover this child’s identity.



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