Caroline & Harry Plan Weekend Away Together, Confused?

Harry Styles and Caroline Flack DatingAre they on or are they off? That’s the million pound question and I really don’t know the answer!


Last week they broke up, now they are planning a weekend away together? Confused? You’re not the only one…


Apparently Caroline Flack has just booked a weekend away for the pair to Cornwall, the break is supposed to be a treat for Harry Styles’ 18th birthday and they are said to be headed off once Harry returns from touring America with his band One Direction.


A source told the Sun: “They’re planning to spend the weekend in a cottage in Cornwall when Harry gets back from the States.


“They’re hoping to spend some quality time together to make sure they haven’t made the wrong decision.


“They both think breaking up was for the best but they’re missing each other a lot and she’s been in regular contact while Harry has been in the US with the band.”


OK, so let’s look at this, they split merely a few days ago (just four days to be exact) and they are already missing each other and questioning their decision? After four days? Wow, and I thought I was indecisive!


You would typically expect such behaviour from a teenager who hasn’t had much relationship experience, but from a 31-year-old maybe this is a little immature. They must have split for a good reason, so are they that naive to think they can solve everything with a mini-break?


If they want to be together, great, if not they should really think about keeping their distance, otherwise they are just going to keep going round in circles and this story is going to get real old, real quick.