Celebrities Do Demure

When a celebrity pulls off looking classy it says so much more than simply using sex to sell.  After all, you’ve got to have some natural wow factor to still grab headlines when you’re not simply baring all in the spotlight… or shall we say, doing a Rhianna or Gaga.


Eva Mendes has certainly made a significant change in the way she promotes herself lately.  We can only imagine she is trying to be taken more seriously as an actress as she tries to steer away from sexy bimbo roles towards real acting parts.  Her wardrobe has also taken a similar path.  She has gone from dressing, posing and pouting like a human Jessica Rabbit to actually looking classy and demure.


Mendes isn’t the only one to be looking chic lately, many celebrities have toned down the flesh revealing ensembles.  NO, this is NOT due to Kate Middleton’s style!  This is in many ways simply a reflection of what is happening on the catwalks, the fact that some stars are becoming more sophisticated and/or older, and perhaps some are just sick of seeing boobs, bums and tums everywhere.


Grab yourself a sophisticated number and wow your world with your hair, make-up, accessories and charm.  The fashion of mid to low hemlines is due to continue throughout Autumn/Winter 2011-12 so grab some items in the sales if you can.


Jamie Chung 2011; Olivia Palermo 2011; Eva Mendes 2011;
Paris Hilton 2011; Penelope Cruz 2011; Sarah Jessica Parker 2011;
Dress – £40.00, ASOS; Dress – £45.00, Oasis; Dress – £45.00, ASOS;
Dress – £149.90, Mango; Dress – £160.00, Coast; Dress – £46.00, Topshop.


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