Celebrities That Look 10 Years Younger

Demi MooreDemi Moore

She was always fresh faced even in the days of filming Ghost but when she showed off her amazing body, and face, for the Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle movie the world was stunned by this young looking actress.  Aged 48 this movie star looks fantastic for her age.  Having moved home 40 times during her childhood and with a biological father who left her mum before she was born and a step father who killed himself, you could expect the stresses to have taken their toll on her appearance.  Unlike Angelina Jolie’s haggard looking face, this star looks younger than many of her much younger rivals.


Mary J Blige

What a voice and what a face.  Mary J Blige, who debuted her first album, What’s the 411, in 1992 has been singing for almost two decades yet her face barely seems to have changed.  She sung what was the original sound of R ‘n’ B music before it became the monotonous rubbish sound it is nowadays.  You would be forgiven for thinking she is younger than 40.


Elle MacphersonElle Macpherson

Nicknamed “The Body” you would not think she was aged 48 by looking at her body or face.  Slender and beautiful with a real down to earth and humble quality Elle Macpherson began modelling by chance when she was signed to a New York modelling agency just before she was due to begin her education in law.


Mariah Carey

This 41 year old is a sexy curvaceous lady and although it is ridiculous that like other silly celebrities before her she thinks that people want to see her pregnant stomach in the nude we can’t deny she looks good for her age.  She has a most powerful voice, has always been very much in love with herself and always over the top but since settling down with her recent hubby, Nick Cannon, she seems to be more settled in her personal life instead of hungering after fame.

Halle Berry

Halle Berry

Famed for her outburst of tears and emotion during her acceptance speech for her 2002 Academy Award for Best Actress this 44 year old is one hot mama.  A former beauty queen and fashion model she has fought to help those who have experienced domestic violence having grown up in a home where her mother was such a victim.  Halle Berry said that she too became a victim during her younger days.


Naomi Campbell

Known for her black beauty on the catwalks at a time when there were few people of ethnic minorities in the fashion industry, Miss Campbell often makes headlines for the wrong reasons.  Whether it’s attacking her assistants or court battles over blood diamonds, she often gains publicity for the not so pleasant sides of her personality.  That said you can’t deny this 40 year old looks great for her age and is still beautiful.


Jennifer Lopez - I'm gonna be alrightJennifer Lopez

How can you not love Jennifer Lopez.  She’s proving her talents as a judge and musical artist on American Idol, she’s sung many hits, her and her beautiful babies have been chosen for Gucci’s children’s wear editorials, she’s improved as an actress and she has a sweet, sexy, lovely husband.  Oh yeah, and she’s DROP DEAD GORGEOUS.  The way she rocked that Emilio Pucci dress on the red carpet recently at the 2011 Grammy Awards was just ultra sex appeal and she pulled it off brilliantly whilst still managing to look sophisticated.  The 41 year old became an overnight sensation with her 1999 hit, If You Had My Love.  She paved the way for Latino musical talent and you just couldn’t help but gawk over her beauty in music videos like the video for I’m Gonna Be Alright.