Celebrity Babies – Are They All Really That Cute?

Whenever you hear about celebrity babies in mainstream media, you hear the words “adorable” or “gorgeous” included within the statement.  It’s as though the same journalists that revel in watching the rise and fall of celebrities, are incapable of calling a celebrity baby anything but adorable.  Being polite and kind is one thing, they are babies after all.  Is there any need to go so over the top in praise of a celebrity’s child, though?


Some celeb babies really are not cute.  Surely if these babies were not the biological offspring of celebrities, the very same journalists that gush over their cuteness would not even take a second glance at some of these children if they passed them in the local park.


So why do journalists produce these sickly sweet, insincere reports?  Is it because they are lacking content and make up any old drivel to fill the space?  Is it because they know that it will pull in the readers and sell the latest printed issue of their magazine?  It’s probably a bit of both.


Well, to bring us back to reality, below are photos of a few of the ugly celeb children… only kidding!  That would be so very cruel.  They’re just kids, people!  :-)


We have picked some of the truly cute ones though.


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