Celebrity Long Hairstyles

Long hairstyles seem to be everywhere.  From new stars to established celebrities.  Straight, curly, fringe, side parting, wavy, ponytail… the list goes on.  The beauty of long hair is that it is so feminine and you can do so much with it.


Long hair also adds instant glamour to any outfit, well at least if it is clean and well styled.  Some think they can simply throw their hair into a “sleek” ponytail when it’s greasy and they’re good to go.  Noooooo… think again.  It only looks like they’ve tied their hair back too tightly and then proceeded to dip their head in a pan of oil.  There is nothing sleek about this look!


Others will try to create that naturally wavy look by doing very little with their hair after a shower.  Unfortunately, for some people this just means you end up looking like a cross between a homeless person and Diana Ross.  For some ladies the natural look has to ironically be created to look natural.  You can do this by drying/straightening your hair first and then adding in some waves.


What is also great about long hair is that you can create a drastically different look to go from daytime to evening by simply tying your hair back.  You may be able to do it the other way around but, contrary to images on television, when you tie your hair up during the day and then take it out in the evening you can be left with little volume around the skull and oddly placed, unwanted kinks in the rest of your hair.


Check out these long celebrity hairstyles for ideas.





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