Celebrity News Or Not?

Pippa MiddletonAs Cheryl Cole’s US career seems to be slipping away thoughts of what she will do next are on the mind.


One can’t help but wonder if Cheryl’s US sacking was on the cards before she was even offered the role.  Simon Cowell knows Miss Cole is the British nation’s sweetheart and by X Factor offering her a job that they know is doomed at least Cowell can still play Mr Nice Guy to us Brits and Cheryl Cole.  The drama would also prove to be a fantastic publicity stunt for the show, something Cowell is a real expert at.


Who knows why they’ve dropped Cole so quickly but what next?  Two thoughts that come to mind are yet another fly on the wall documentary but without a career what would you follow?  The second is a chat show.  If the Americans apparently can’t understand her we certainly can.


With her lack of solid opinions on the UK X Factor one can’t help but wonder if she’d be any good but if someone lacking intelligence like Katie Price can host a chat show then surely Cheryl Cole can do a half decent job.  Cheryl is after all a nice girl at heart and for that reason celebrities would enjoy promoting their latest venture on her show and the public would enjoy tuning in to see her.


Whatever your thoughts are on Cheryl and her abilities you cannot deny that she has made a success of herself from her talent.  She may not be the best singer nor the best X Factor judge but she has something to offer unlike those who are thrust upon us as celebrities when they are not.


Talking of hosting a chat show and non-celebs, Pippa Middleton (Kate Middelton’s sister) is said to have sparked an interest in Oprah Winfrey to host a chat show of her own.  Sorry what?


Can someone please let us know if anyone writing all the recent flowery, sickly sweet, over-the-top-keen-for Pippa Middleton articles has actually ever heard her speak or actually knows what her skills are.  We’re afraid that being the sister of someone who married someone famous and being photographed at her wedding doesn’t really equal a celebrity!  Going back to our previous article Top 10 Non-Celebs: Beyond The Z list (, one needs to have a talent and have achieved real success with it to be called a celebrity.  Having to read about the fact that Miss Middleton had lunch with her ex-boyfriend is ridiculous.  Who cares!