Chantelle Houghton…. 15 minutes more!

She was once a Paris Hilton look-alike, these days’s she is a Z list celebrity, yet for some reason, I can’t help but have compassion for Chantelle Houghton. On January 5th we were all introduced to a young girl who wanted to be on Big Brother, her aim was simple, convince some genuine celebrities you were also famous, and you were in a band called Kandyfloss (and yes it was spelt with a K). Four and a half years on, and it’s hard to believe things actually worked out well for this girl.

What many people don’t know about Chantelle is her desire to be a celebrity had steamed a lot sooner than 2006, it actually went back to 2001 when she entered a modelling competition, which she won, and she became a promotions girl (not yet hitting the heights of stardom yet). Wanting to follow in the footsteps of Jordan, she decided she would enter a Daily Star competition and asked her mum to take some topless pictures of her…. In a local park (I dread to think how they paid the park warden for that). She never won this competition, but that didn’t dispel her from her dreams, and she applied for Big Brother, however, again she didn’t make the cut, however, there was a surprise…. They wanted her to take part in the Celebrity version. I won’t bore you with the details, I’ll just give you her best bits:

  • Convinced the house she was a member of Kandyfloss
  • Managed to not get ranked bottom in the most well known celebrities
  • Won the show
  • Managed to find love with Preston

Yes that’s as many best bits as I could get…. It wasn’t a great series truth be told

Following this version of big brother, Chantelle became a celebrity, the dream was real, she had magazine deals, photo shoots, she even released an autobiography which Simon Amstell nicely read extracts from on an episode of Never Mind the Buzzcocks, this was of course to the dis-pleasure of Preston, who abruptly walked out of the show (below is a links to this very comical moment)

Chantelle went on to marry her new found love, after seven months in a relationship (more than enough time for marriage, I’m surprised they didn’t want kids) they decided to get hitched, in a deal worth £300,000 each they sold their wedding to OK magazine, and had the perfect wedding, only it didn’t quite last the distance, 9 months later, they were in the divorce courts citing unreasonable behaviour on the part of Preston. She late revealed he told her one month in to the marriage that he never wanted to marry her (what a guys).

Her career then took a nose dive (well you can never get better than topless pictures in the park can you?). She went on to change from a brunette to a blonde; she enlarged her breasts from a B cup to an E cup, and then proceeded to be a party girl. She was all over the press, her boobs spilling everywhere, her knickers constantly on show, and even tried her hand at been a wag, getting with Jermain Defoe, this didn’t last long, and she was back to just partying.

Chantelle Houghton had her 15 minutes of fame, and more than likely found out it wasn’t what she thought it would be, but it’s a hard life to leave, could she really go back to working in a bank now? No, instead, she has chosen to go back in to the Big Brother house and join ex husband Preston, the only problem with that….. She still loves him (you couldn’t write this even if you tried) but he doesn’t love her.

So why do I feel for her, this was a girl that was allowed to just jump in to this celebrity lifestyle with no guidance, she was been guided by people who could make money from her, she was s**t on from a great height by her ex husband, and Defoe probably just wanted to get his end away, let’s not forget she is still human, and she has feelings. Yes she made mistakes, and yes she is probably paying for them, but all I see right now is a vulnerable girl who probably needs someone to look after her (that’s not an offer). Maybe if she had some better advice, she might now put herself back in to Big Brother, because, in truth, she is just starting the whole cycle again (so I’ll probably write my next one about her in 4 years).



Sean Bromley


  1. chantel lover!! says:

    I love chantel and i really want her and preston to get back together, they are totally ment to be together!!! Great post x

  2. weird johnny says:

    Hiya, I researched Chantelle Houghton…. 15 minutes more! | Dating, Love, Fashion, Celebrity Gossip and more | LoveScene Online Magazine and your site was in the very first few websites, you have to be doing something correct for google to like your posts so much. Have you ever contemplated blogging for money?