Chantelle Houghton Pregnant!

Chantelle Houghton and Alex ReidThe celebrity baby boom now has an additional pregnancy, Big Brother star and glamour model Chantelle Houghton has announced she is pregnant with Alex Reid’s baby!


That’s right, the unlikely couple are expecting their first child together just two and a half months after announcing they were trying for a baby.


Chantelle revealed the happy news in a recent interview with OK! magazine, stating that she is eleven weeks pregnant and has already had her first scan, describing the experience as ‘magical’.


The twenty eight year-old said:


“Oh my God! I’m pregnant. Let me through – I’m going to be the yummiest mummy there is.


“I’m milking it, trust me. I’ve told my friends and family, if I’m going through it, you’re all going through it.


“I don’t know exactly when the baby was conceived… I found out four weeks ago.”


The couple were said to be shocked at the surprise pregnancy as it wasn’t so long ago that Chantelle bravely spoke out about her trouble with low fertility. In September she told OK! about her visits to the IVF clinic, she said:


“It’s all really positive. I’ve had test done. They can help us.


“I’ve had a lot of scans and horrible, painful things done to me.”


Doctors told the couple that in-vitro fertillisation was the only way they would be able to conceive, however, the couple proved this wrong by almost immediately falling pregnant when they started trying.


The Big Brother star was on the verge of starting IVF treatment when she did a Boots pregnancy test that turned out positive.


She explained: “I’ve been seeing a private doctor and he said: “Well, you’ve proved them wrong, haven’t you?”


“Alex and I have spent thousands on private fertillity treatment. All the tests and consultations. I have all the drugs at home. It does make me question these doctors. But then again, maybe it really is a miracle.”


The suprising news comes just five weeks after Reid proposed to her on the irish chat show The Saturday Night Show.


The couple have had a whirlwind six month romance, they started dating in April after meeting at the Fate Awards in Belfast.


There is yet to be news on the wedding, although the couple will have to wait until Reid divorces estranged wife Katie Price, following their seperation earlier this year. Both Houghton & Reid were previously married, though both couples seperated from their partners just ten months after the wedding.


No doubt they will both be hoping their second marriage lasts a little longer than their last. I hope this time around will be different for the both of them now they are expecting a child.  Fingers crossed & congratulations to the latest celeb pregnancy!