Cheryl and Ashley Cole Back On

Cheryl and Ashley ColeCheryl Cole and Ashley Cole are reportedly an item again only this time it was meant to be a secret.  It has been claimed that Labrinth, a musical artist and friend of Cheryl Cole, spilled the beans on their secret romance recently.


Love rat Cole has apparently asked Cheryl to spend Christmas with him and she has accepted.  Their intention is to see if they can make it through all the problems and reunite for good.  They have described each other as soul mates but that’s hard to believe when one “soul mate” has treated the other as badly as Ashley has done.


Ashley Cole has shown himself to be untrustworthy to the nth degree and yet Cheryl keeps meandering back towards him.  Low self-esteem? No self-respect?  Desperation to become a WAG if nothing else?  Afraid of being alone?  Who knows!


One can’t help but feel that there will be plenty more ups and downs yet if Ashley’s track record is anything to go by.


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  1. Sass says:

    She is absolutely bonkers….once a cheat always a cheat!

  2. LoveSceneMag says:

    She is. If you are willing to condone one mistake of this nature then that’s one thing but he repeated this mistake more than once!

  3. wikulka7 says:

    It’s not her fault if she still loves him…. I hate Ashley for what he done to her but it’s her life! I will still be a big fan of her and I will still love her and her songs!