Cheryl and Ashley Get Back Together

Cheryl and Ashley Cole back togetherWith rumours in abundance and speculation rife, it would seem that our Cheryl, a term used both for endearment and to rightly take her back under our polite and caring English wing, is getting back together with her ex-husband, and branded ‘love rat’, Ashley Cole. As Cheryl is such a well-loved public figure, and Ashley is viewed mostly as an overpaid philanderer, it is understandable that the general, and underpaid public, are really rather unhappy about this. Accused of being unfaithful on five separate occasions during their four year marriage, many are arguing that Ashley Cole will be unable to change his ways and are asserting the notion of, once a cheater, always a cheater. However, perhaps Ashley really has learnt his lesson.


After a miserable break-up and the subsequent eating of ice cream straight out of the tub using a teaspoon whilst watching endless episodes of Midsummer Murders and not changing out of exceedingly comfortable ‘loungewear’, we all long for that moment when the confidence returns and our ex spots us looking amazing; sporting a new haircut or shade of lipstick, and we watch, like a fox smugly glimpsing its prey from behind a hedgerow, as he realises just what he has lost. In this same way, Cheryl really got her vengeance on Ashley. After a brief spell of looking glum and hiding her sadness underneath various baseball caps (sorry celebrities, we can still see you), Cheryl quickly picked herself up, proceeding to become an X-Factor presenter, every week looking just a little bit more incredible, and becoming the first face of L’Oreal who really did, genuinely, make us believe that we ARE worth it.


Whilst these things should not have had to happen to render Ashley aware of his losses, it did at least serve him a huge kick up the behind for his actions, as pretty much everyone in the country was asking, what on earth is wrong with this man?!


Despite opinions, people should be free to make their own decisions when it comes to relationships. What could signal the complete and bitter end for one couple could serve as the magnets that pulls together and strengthens another. Whilst Ashley Cole could go on to prove everyone right and return to his deceitful ways, he may be making Cheryl very happy right now, and I for one am glad she has someone to put a smile back on her face.


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  1. Liz Hewitt says:

    This is a really great article, its funny, well written and also very impartial, which is nice to see on this topic. I’ve read a few things about this today, and I for one really hope that Ashley is the one who is ‘worth it’!