Cheryl Cole and Love

Love her or hate her, there is no doubt that Cheryl Cole is popularity on legs.  Some argue that she has no talent, as advocated by the Facebook group Sausage roll vs. Cheryl Cole, but it still seems Cheryl Cole can do no wrong.  Even in the early days her reputation was little tarnished by her nightclub punch up back in January 2003.  A toilet attendant punched in the face over a lollipop, and apparently in self-defence!  There is SO much wrong with that sentence yet her reputation took very little beating.

One thing you have to give Cheryl credit for is the fact that she had the intelligence and self respect to dump that ugly, cheating idiot.  It’s a shame that so many celebrities nowadays stand by their man no matter how much they have been disrespected, humiliated and disregarded by them.  Take ex-fellow WAG Toni Pool (John Terry’s wife) for instance and Tiger Wood’s wife Elin Nordegren.  These women have been utterly humiliated and massively betrayed and yet they think the right thing to do is essentially say “oh well, never mind”.  Surely the only reason one would take that stance is because they are fame hungry and lack self-esteem.  Sadly they inadvertently teach men and women, young and old, that this behaviour is OK!  Thankfully Cheryl had more sense, especially as she and Ashley were a power couple and everyone was watching for the outcome.

One should fight to make his or her marriage work, particularly if both parties admit fault, feel they both played some part in its breakdown and are equally committed to resolving the issues but when your partner cheats repeatedly it’s time to move on…

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