Cheryl Cole Mistakes

Cheryl Cole's worst hairstyle to date (16-02-2012)It seems everyone has digs at Cheryl Cole for her inability to sing well, but the one thing that seems to evade most writers is the fact that she has one ridiculously bad hair-do at the moment.


What on earth is going on around her pretty head?  Not only does it look daft in photos, it even looks dry and as though styled by a six year old in the L’oreal advert on TV at the moment.  Daft, ugly, under-nourished and shoddy!  Perhaps it’s the fact that she normally tends to have such lovely hair, however it’s been cut or styled, that this anomaly is so blatant.  It doesn’t matter who you are, that hairstyle would not look good on anyone.


Cheryl Cole mistake number two: is it me or do the shoes she’s created for Stylistpick look, how shall I put this, cheap and tacky?  Again, everyone seems to praise them, but why?  Seriously, feedback welcome.


Third recent mistake of Cheryl Cole has to be: supporting back-stabbing Cher Lloyd.  Lloyd is not particularly talented herself, whatever the Google statistics state and regardless of whose financial backing she has behind her in the music industry.  There are clearly singers and bands out there that just got snapped up by some record company that could see a potential to earn themselves a handsome income by manufacturing some fairly untalented people just because they “filled a niche”.  Cher Lloyd is one such annoying addition.  The fact that she was so arrogant on X Factor said it all, but then to recently have a dig at Cheryl Cole’s inability to sing live when she had passionately mentored her on the show, is pretty much what you expect from someone like Lloyd.  Back when she was even more of a nobody she was Cole’s “best mate” and now, a mere two years on, she suddenly decides it’s okay to publicly diss Cheryl Cole!  What!  Who on earth does that?  Oh yeah, repulsive idiots like Cher Lloyd.


Cheryl Cole has been making some silly decisions lately.  Seems like she needs to find herself again and stop trusting the wrong people.



  1. joanna says:

    I think Cheryl Cole’s hair looks fab like this, just because it’s not the way it appears in the adverts doesn’t mean this look is horrible, it’s called ‘rough look’ and she just so happens to be able to pull it off.

  2. tilly says:

    sounds like a case of the green eyed monster to me…. Cheryl Cole looks amazing and that itself is undeniable. :)

  3. Tennessee says:

    I think Cheryl Cole looks amazing as usual, and I personally love her hair stlye as the messy look is very in at the moment!